Oxford Singles Bar, February 14th, 4:00 P.M.

In the southwest corner of the southwestern Ohio town of Oxford sits a singles bar, bustling on its busiest day of the year. Singles flock from all over the college town to escape the entrapping horror of couples. But what...

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Headline Dump for 2/19

Local woman assembles ‘Avengers’-esque team to analyze Snapchat   Hundreds die after Top Deck crashes into iceberg   Sorority Girls accidentally summon demon during recruitment chants   President Crawford sheds...

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Humor: 5 Ways to Spook your Parents on Halloween

  Don’t call them back This is a tried-and-true spooky prank that children across generations have enjoyed. There is no better punch line than the inevitable “Where are you? Please call us back. We’re worried,” text that is...

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Humor: Fake Obituaries

Michael Sheffield July 18, 1966 – Oct. 20, 2018 We know nothing about this man. He has no kin and we lost all our dental records a while back, so if you know anything about this man, please call 1-800-DED-GUYS. In the...

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