Humor: 5 Ways to Spook your Parents on Halloween

  Don’t call them back This is a tried-and-true spooky prank that children across generations have enjoyed. There is no better punch line than the inevitable “Where are you? Please call us back. We’re worried,” text that is on...

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Humor: Fake Obituaries

Michael Sheffield July 18, 1966 – Oct. 20, 2018 We know nothing about this man. He has no kin and we lost all our dental records a while back, so if you know anything about this man, please call 1-800-DED-GUYS. In the...

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Humor: Headline dump for 9/18

Local frat boy posts Instagram picture despite weird, wet stain on shirt Miami alumnus Paul Ryan ‘shocked and disappointed’ by university administration’s push for diversity and inclusion Miami student to print new four-ply...

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