Welcoming the Year of the Dog, 6,000 miles from home

Late in the evening, the Chinese New Year celebration in Marcum Conference Center drew to a close and the hustle and bustle of Miami University students quieted to a dull roar. As the crowd started to trickle into the night, third-year international student Annie Zhang began to recall some of her favorite traditions and memories of celebrating the New Year back in her home city of Beijing. “Traditionally we have a seven day holiday for the Spring Festival,” said Zhang. “Everyone has time off, and during the day no one is in the streets. Normally, Beijing is a very...

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Diversity Affairs Council Hosts Miami University’s Biggest Global Holiday Party to Date

The third floor of McGuffey Hall swelled with the scent of local foods and the sounds of live performances, a Capella, drums and dance music . On Thursday, Nov. 16, Miami University’s Diversity Affairs Council hosted its third annual Global Holiday Party since it formed in 2014. The party included a lineup of performances, both local and global. Nine on-campus organizations, including the African Student Union and the Japanese Taiko group, lined the outside of the room ready to inform interested students about the cultural holiday celebrations from around the globe. The global holiday party kicked off with a...

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Humans of Oxford: Doug Sloan: Creating an art community

Throughout high school Doug Sloan participated in an intensive four year computer and software engineering program. Arriving at Miami, he saw no better option than to major in what he’d spent his last four years working on. However, as his first semester of college droned on, Doug grew tired of the monotony of computer engineering. What was once fun had lost its appeal. He began to think back to elementary and middle school, remembering how much he enjoyed all the art classes he had taken then. Doug finally decided to make made a change. At the close of the...

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