Oxford welcomes the holiday season

“We’re doing that.” Shelby Frye, Malena McClory, Sarah Siegel and Isabella Bocija watched as two black horses passed by pulling a carriage embellished with evergreen branches, Christmas lights and red bows. “Where do we get in line?” They consult a nearby sign post that looks as if it’s straight out of a cartoon Christmas special, complete with multicolored arrows listing different activities in bubble letters. Before getting in line, they grab a cup of free hot chocolate before it would inevitably run out. It was only 50 degrees —  warm for Ohio in December — but who could refuse...

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Business, fundraising and free doughnuts at Sir Doughnalot Challenge

“If you voluntarily or involuntarily vomit, please use the trash cans next to you instead of the table.” The emcee was giving final instructions to the four teams of four who stood on the dance floor of The Woods, better known as New Bar. The place was brightly lit, a strange sight for those who only see the bar late at night, but music was still blaring. Each team stood around a table with four red solo cups filled with the players’ drink of choice — either water or milk — and two plates piled high with mini doughnuts....

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Sprinkles: A not-so-sweet treat

When Lauren Martyn first met him, she thought he was too short. He didn’t look like he could do anything special, and he wasn’t particularly pretty either. Four years later, he’s her favorite, and everyone knows it. “Don’t say anything bad. That’s my favorite horse on the property,” Lauren will say to a rider having trouble with him. She tells him good morning and goodnight whenever she’s at the barn. If he’s is lucky, she’ll have a peppermint for him. Whenever his time at Miami is through, Lauren hopes to take him home with her. His name is Sprinkles....

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‘Rock, Paper, Scissors, Die!’: The making of a MAFIA short

“What are you guys still doing here?” Though the kickoff event for the 48-Hour Film Festival ended an hour ago, Cameron Kadis, Nikki Saraniti and Dwight Wilt sat in the front row of chairs in the otherwise empty Williams Hall TV studio talking back and forth, throwing out ideas for their film. Dwight had come up with the premise of the film a few days before: a wrestling-style tournament, but the contestants play Rock, Paper, Scissors. He doesn’t know exactly how or why the idea came to him, and thinks of it as a product of pure creativity and...

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The wall between us: Love after the election

Sarah Pankratz tried her best not to cry.  “How are you doing?” she asked Graydon, her boyfriend. The two high school seniors sat side by side on her living room couch watching the 2016 election results. “I’m good,” he said. “Are you alright?” Earlier that night, she might have said yes. The two of them had been playing a game of Yahtzee with Sarah’s parents. The news was on in the background, but everyone pretended not to care. The prospect of Trump’s election had been a safe distance away from Sarah’s reality.  But since then, the Indiana gubernatorial election...

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