America and capitalism: a complicated relationship

Money. We all want it. We want the comfort that it brings. The things that it can buy hardly matter more than when there isn’t enough of it to cover their cost. And while money might not buy happiness, but it can certainly buy peace of mind. And even if that peace of mind is as paper thin as the currency traded in for it (and often it is), every now and then, it’s all that stands between the “us” that we know, and the “us” that would do anything to get more of it.

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Puritancical progress – today’s liberal issue

What does it mean to be someone’s equal? For the brave men and women of the Civil Rights era, the answer was simple: the right to one’s own body, freedom from the tyranny of corrupt law officials and racist systems of governance and the right to live free of mistreatment based on something as superficial as race. For the LGBT rights movement that began in and helped characterize 1960s America, and continues today, the goal was the same — the right to be free, to be an American as all other Americans are, unburdened by the institutionalization of hatred.

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Heroin production: The hidden side of the War on Terror

Where it all starts: Afghanistan, 1978. The U.S. was 30 years deep into the Cold War, and after a brief cooling period, diplomatic relations had once again deteriorated. Still reeling from a crushing defeat in Vietnam only three years prior, the citizens of the United States were conflict weary. President Jimmy Carter, with his back against the wall after Iran and Nicaragua saw their pro-U.S. governments toppled in bloody civil wars, was forced to make a decision.

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‘Mindhunter’ goes inside the minds of the damned

What is evil? Like any philosophical argument, the question of what evil is, how it manifests itself and how it is best dealt with can descend quickly into abstraction. That said, no matter your views on good and evil, it can be objectively agreed upon that within the darkest corners of our society there exist men and women who personify the concept. Men like Adolf Hitler confound us with their propensity for committing evil. ISIS, the North Korean government and white nationalist terrorists are boogeymen haunting the newsrooms of CNN and MSNBC.

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