Course evaluations, professors offer incentives for student feedback

By Mary Schrott, News Editor In the 2015 fall semester, the response rate for course evaluations hit just over 55 percent for the 4,792 courses taught and 1,940 instructors evaluated on Oxford’s campus. Course evaluations are online and offered to students in the final days of the semester. To counter the low response rate, many instructors offer incentives, like extra credit,  for filling out the evaluations. Though some students like this approach, many still find course evaluations troubling because of their format and the time they take to complete. Sacha DeVroomen Bellman, a journalism instructor who has been at...

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Gun walk prompts counter-protests

By Karolina Ulasevich, For The Miami Student and Mary Schrott, News Editor Saturday afternoon, on the corner of Campus Avenue and High Street, approximately 15 Miami students and faculty members stood in protest of an open carry march directed by Jeffry Smith, a firearm instructor and concealed carry activist from Cincinnati. The counter protesters stood in the rain under umbrellas, holding signs with messages of opposition and  playing Bob Dylan songs on guitar. Some were even wearing homemade T-shirts reading “Don’t Shoot” with a bullseye drawing. “There was music, signs, an informative teach in and an opportunity to distribute...

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Niche graduate group takes one last shot

As summer approaches, seniors prepare for final bar crawls By Mary Schrott, News Editor At 2:30 p.m. Saturday, a bottle of champagne popped on a front lawn off campus and five Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies (REEES) majors toasted to their time together at Miami and to the day of crawling ahead. A list of bars had been made and the group began to drink in their matching red tank tops that read “one last shot seniors 2016” in gold and featured a bottle of vodka with a hammer and sickle. Senior bar crawls have been a tradition...

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Decimals decide in ASG voting

By Mary Schrott, News Editor ASG passed an amended resolution last month to recognize Indigenous People’s Day along with Columbus Day. Contributing author of the resolution, junior Trevor Snyder, said the original unamended resolution supported recognizing Columbus Day as Indigenous People’s Day. The amendment, which modified the language of the last line, changed the resolution to support recognizing Indigenous People’s Day in addition to Columbus Day. “I viewed the amendment as unfriendly,” Snyder said. Snyder believes the message still resonates with the original title: “A Resolution Supporting the Recognition of Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” “The title is...

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Bernie’s world: What if Miami were free?

By Mary Schrott, Senior Staff Writer The oldest candidate in this year’s U.S. presidential election, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, is appealing to the growing population of young voters by campaigning for reform on a key millennial issue: student debt. In 2015, national student loan debt reached a record high of $1.2 trillion, which is an 84 percent increase since the 2008 to 2014 recession, according to CNN Money. Sanders promised to make college tuition at undergraduate public universities free with the “College for All Act” he introduced in May 2015. Miami is a publicly funded state institution and...

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