Having a ball at the Beaux Arts Ball

Black and gold balloons decorated the entrance to the Oxford Community Arts Center. Attendees roamed the building in suits and flapper dresses, nibbling on hors d’oeuvres and dancing to the live music escaping from the main ballroom. Laughter and excited exclamations bubbled over into the hallways as students, parents and Oxford locals enjoyed an evening of visual and performance art. It was the second annual Beaux Arts Ball, hosted in partnership by the American Institute of Architecture Students and Late Night Miami this past Saturday evening. Approximately 300 people either attended or performed at the event throughout the course of the evening. The Beaux Arts Ball is a national event that has been put on since the 1930s. Up until 10 years ago, the American Institute of Architecture Students put on the event every year. The ball took a six year hiatus and then returned in the fall of 2016 when last year’s senior architecture students decided it was a tradition worthy of bringing back to Miami students and the Oxford community. The Oxford Community Arts Center was chosen as the venue because of its longstanding tradition of hosting the Beaux Arts Ball. “This space has a draw to it,” said Molly Meyer, senior architecture major and secretary of the American Institute of Architecture Students. “It has a long history. We’re lucky to have adults that can help us...

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Théâtre français: A look at Miami’s Foreign Language Theatre Company

Miami students are bringing a little piece of Europe to Oxford in the form of live theatre. French professor Jeremie Korta and 10 university students are preparing to perform a production of a French play at the end of the semester. The Foreign Language Theatre Club is rehearsing “Macbett” by Eugène Ionesco. A spinoff of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” the play follows the story of a man turned power-hungry by the manipulative Lady Duncan. Sinful chaos ensues as Macbett does everything he possibly can to keep his place as king. Korta hopes that through these rehearsals students will be able not...

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The cure for loneliness is in the lines: Miami Theatre Department prepares for ‘The Flick’

A new movie theater has been installed in the basement of Miami’s Center for Performing Arts. But they aren’t showing movies here. Instead, they are rehearsing for “The Flick,” the Theatre Department’s first play this season, which opens next week in Studio 88. The play follows the lives of Rose, Sam and Avery, three individuals who are all facing their own demons and insecurities. Through their interactions with one another, a snapshot unfolds for the audience of their journey to discover themselves and their relationships. Annie Baker, the playwright, plays with concepts of love, friendship and the act of...

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