A night of hole foods at the Bagel & Deli competition

“And your time begins now!” And with that, a room full of anxious amatuer chefs excitedly began to design their own bizarre food inventions. MAP’s third-annual Bagel & Deli Competition had commenced. With 30 minutes to choose from an array of bread, meat, cheese, spread, toppings, chips and sauces, there was no time to spare. In order to win, an eye-pleasing sign had to be drawn, the dish needed to be named and the bagel needed to be impeccable. One team drew an elaborate turkey and an angry pig to depict their turkey and bacon masterpiece while another decided...

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Humans of Oxford: Michael Archiable: Friend of rejection

Michael Archiable marched up to two guys he didn’t know at the beach on the first day of spring break. He squirted a big blob of sunblock in his hand and casually asked them to lather up his back for him. The guys said no, of course. Arch was glad. Two days later, Arch wore plaid swim trunks and a red, flowered Hawaiian shirt. He walked around Seaside, Florida asking people to rate his outfit on a scale of 1-10. A couple people rated him as low as a two. Arch was not fazed. Arch is seeking rejection. He...

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Christianity and conversations on the beach

I debated back and forth for a couple of weeks about my spring break plans, but I eventually decided that being beachside was more favorable than snowed in. So, I traveled to Panama City Beach for a week of sunshine. But I am neither a drinker nor a heavy partier. When I heard that Cru was taking a group of students to PCB for a conference, I knew that this trip down south with 23 other Miami Christians would provide some G-rated fun. Rather than laying on the beach all week, we devoted our entire break to spreading our...

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Mande misses mark: Night of comedy in review

“Is there a reviewer from the student paper here?” comedian, actor and writer Joe Mande asked toward the end of his set. “Because I will give you 20 dollars to say this was good.” Sketch Writing and Acting Group (SWAG) — with help from Sketched Out and Not Very Funny, and funded by ASG — hosted Mande on Friday night in Hall Auditorium as an event filled with humor and funny musical numbers. Mande was a writer for “Parks & Recreation” and made a few cameo appearances in the show as minor character Morris Lerpiss, as well as acting...

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Hanukkah in Oxford: Celebrating during finals week

Finals week means two different things: the end of the semester is near, and the holidays are approaching.  The first of these major holidays is Hanukkah, or Chanukah, which begins on Tuesday, Dec. 12. For Jewish students like freshman Maddie Dohl, this means being away from home and studying for much of the first four days of the eight-day holiday. Hanukkah follows the Hebrew calendar, so it falls on different days each year. Last year, Hanukkah began after students were home for winter break, but this year it begins on the second day of finals week. “I usually go...

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