Mande misses mark: Night of comedy in review

“Is there a reviewer from the student paper here?” comedian, actor and writer Joe Mande asked toward the end of his set. “Because I will give you 20 dollars to say this was good.” Sketch Writing and Acting Group (SWAG) — with help from Sketched Out and Not Very Funny, and funded by ASG — hosted Mande on Friday night in Hall Auditorium as an event filled with humor and funny musical numbers. Mande was a writer for “Parks & Recreation” and made a few cameo appearances in the show as minor character Morris Lerpiss, as well as acting...

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Hanukkah in Oxford: Celebrating during finals week

Finals week means two different things: the end of the semester is near, and the holidays are approaching.  The first of these major holidays is Hanukkah, or Chanukah, which begins on Tuesday, Dec. 12. For Jewish students like freshman Maddie Dohl, this means being away from home and studying for much of the first four days of the eight-day holiday. Hanukkah follows the Hebrew calendar, so it falls on different days each year. Last year, Hanukkah began after students were home for winter break, but this year it begins on the second day of finals week. “I usually go...

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Bob Ross & Chill: Relieving stress by painting happy little trees

Students enthusiastic to paint started rushing into the room right at 7, and the tables filled instantly. Luckily, my friend got there early enough to secure a seat for me. I selected my paints and plopped down in a chair, trying to decide what my masterpiece should be. Being the most un-artsy person ever, I decided to copy the mountain-scape that was sitting on the table at the front of the room. Despite my looming calculus exam and ten different Spanish assignments, I spent my Tuesday night relaxed, painting a little canvas with blue mountains, evergreen trees and a...

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Redhawk Radio hosts second annual ‘Cold Snap’

Four up-and-coming artists each climbed onto the tiny stage at Kofenya Friday night for RedHawk Radio’s second annual “Cold Snap.”  These talents collided at the Uptown coffee staple to produce an eclectic atmosphere perfect for a night of artsy ballads. Last year, WMSR, or RedHawk Radio, hosted its first-ever “Cold Snap,” a mini music fest where four artists came together to create a night of musical discovery in the cozy coffee house. Nearly 100 people stopped by to listen to the band of entertainers. This year, the radio station invited Told Slant, Yowler, Molly Soda and Marjorie Lee to...

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Humans of Oxford: Joey Royer and Joseph Ivan: Playing the same tune

Freshmen Joey Royer and Joseph Ivan have more in common than their first names. Joseph Ivan was homeschooled from kindergarten to 10th grade. He participated in pep band and musical theater at Miami Valley Christian Academy throughout his first two years of high school. Joey Royer was a student at Batavia High School when Joseph enrolled there in the 11th grade. There Joey was a member of the pep, marching, jazz and concert bands. They attended the same high school for two years, a high school that consisted of only 170 students in the graduating class of 2017.  They...

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