Bob Ross & Chill: Relieving stress by painting happy little trees

Students enthusiastic to paint started rushing into the room right at 7, and the tables filled instantly. Luckily, my friend got there early enough to secure a seat for me. I selected my paints and plopped down in a chair, trying to decide what my masterpiece should be. Being the most un-artsy person ever, I decided to copy the mountain-scape that was sitting on the table at the front of the room. Despite my looming calculus exam and ten different Spanish assignments, I spent my Tuesday night relaxed, painting a little canvas with blue mountains, evergreen trees and a starry sky at MAP’s “Bob Ross and Chill.” Students came to Armstrong to paint happy little trees and ease some stress as final exams approach. With slow music playing in the background and Rice Krispie Treats dipped in frosting to look like paintbrushes, the night was a hit. Throughout the night, the Bob Ross cutout loomed in the corner, wearing a flannel and a curly wig. It was almost as if the real Bob Ross was in the room… almost. MAP member Austin Craf is credited with coming up with the idea for the event. “It’s part of our craft series. I wanted students to have an outlet to be creative and let some stress out and when you think of being creative and relaxed, what’s better than Bob Ross?”...

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Redhawk Radio hosts second annual ‘Cold Snap’

Four up-and-coming artists each climbed onto the tiny stage at Kofenya Friday night for RedHawk Radio’s second annual “Cold Snap.”  These talents collided at the Uptown coffee staple to produce an eclectic atmosphere perfect for a night of artsy ballads. Last year, WMSR, or RedHawk Radio, hosted its first-ever “Cold Snap,” a mini music fest where four artists came together to create a night of musical discovery in the cozy coffee house. Nearly 100 people stopped by to listen to the band of entertainers. This year, the radio station invited Told Slant, Yowler, Molly Soda and Marjorie Lee to...

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Humans of Oxford: Joey Royer and Joseph Ivan: Playing the same tune

Freshmen Joey Royer and Joseph Ivan have more in common than their first names. Joseph Ivan was homeschooled from kindergarten to 10th grade. He participated in pep band and musical theater at Miami Valley Christian Academy throughout his first two years of high school. Joey Royer was a student at Batavia High School when Joseph enrolled there in the 11th grade. There Joey was a member of the pep, marching, jazz and concert bands. They attended the same high school for two years, a high school that consisted of only 170 students in the graduating class of 2017.  They...

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Literature Program hosts ‘Fright Night’

At the end of Western Campus Drive sits a log cabin. On the outside, Western Lodge exhibits an inherent creepiness, even during the daytime. Inside, the stone fireplace and lofts provide a cozy feel, but only when the lights are on. On Oct. 19, the lodge provided the perfect setting for a frightful event. The Literature Program and the English Department hosted “Fright Night,” a night of ghost stories and socialization in Western Lodge on Thursday. Complete with eerie lighting, a fog machine and Halloween snacks, the event was an opportunity to indulge in the spooky season. First on the agenda, Dr. Patrick Murphy read an excerpt from his book of ghost stories, “Medieval Studies and the Ghost Stories of M. R. James,” adapted from the original stories of M. R. James, an English author and medieval scholar. His choice for the night was based upon James’s “Oh, Whistle, and I Will Come to You, My Lad,” about a professor who discovers a whistle during an archeological endeavor and consequently experiences an uninvited visitor. “I got my interest in ghost stories while I was attending Denison University, when I wrote a story about a ghost that haunted one of the buildings at the University, and it ended up being extremely popular around campus,” said Dr. Murphy. Especially during this time of year, people gravitate toward the creepy-crawly tales of...

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