Super Bowl commercials reflect political climate

By Maddie LaPlante-Dube, Editorial Editor Like 78 percent of my fellow Americans, I mostly watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. I sat down on the couch Sunday night hoping to see what Budweiser had brought to the table this year, or how Ford was going to make their F-450s somehow conjure up emotions in me. Capitalism! As Mr. Clean danced around some lady’s house to lyrics that said “be your dreamboat, be your fantasy,” it became clear that most of the commercials would be pretty easy to swallow. Lady Gaga’s big jump from the top of the stadium...

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Standing Rock: Home of the brave protestors

By Maddie Laplante-Dube, Editorial Editor Standing Rock, ND is currently the site of the convergence of the two biggest issues of our time: racism and environmentalism. A goldmine of relevant themes, American media has been flocking to the site to cover the issues in what Internet users joke is the most turbulent year in the twenty-first century. But the reality is that 2016 isn’t a turbulent year; it’s just somehow been a time of such blatant regression that Americans are finally being confronted with the fact that this country is not actually the land of the free. It is,...

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Stop being lazy, millennials

Maddie LaPlante-Dube, Editorial Editor Not to be the crotchety old senior, but kids these days are lazy as hell. There are countless studies done by the Baby Boomer Generation on Millennials. Obviously, these studies essentially act as negative reviews of what actually is a paradigm shift in general world culture. It is rare that these studies will suggest anything positive about Millennials (I cringe at the word), especially in terms of commitment. More and more, Millennials are revealing that they are uncomfortable with the lives that were forged by their parents — that is, lives that were stable, settled...

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The Pink Tax indicative of gender gap

Maddie Laplante-Dube, Opinion Editor The following story will be familiar to women. The other day, I went to CVS to go buy razors and shower gel. I know that smooth legs are a product of the patriarchy or whatever, but I like having them so I decided that I would buy into capitalism and invest in a new set of blades. Lo and behold, a four-pack of Venus razor heads, with swirling blue and pink and pastel on the packaging, for the low, low price of $23.99 (that’s the price of, like, three meals). I turned to the other side...

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Photojournalism immoral, or required to inform?

By Maddie LaPlante-Dube, Opinion Editor In August, a photo and video footage of a Syrian five-year-old named Omran Daqneesh surfaced after a deadly airstrike hit his home in Aleppo. The footage shows Omran, dazed, dusty, shocked and bloody, sitting quietly in the back of an ambulance. The ambulance is fluorescent and he sits in an orange chair, wordless, breathing through his nose. He lifts his hand to his bloody forehead, wipes it and then looks at his palm with something like surprise or bewilderment. He wipes the blood off on the seat. This footage follows another, equally devastating and...

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