Residence Life introduces new LLCs, eliminates RedHawk Traditions, General Housing options

In the 2018-19 school year, Miami is adding several specialized Living Learning Communities (LLCs) and eliminating its RedHawk Traditions and General Housing options. Miami president Greg Crawford has publicly challenged the university to provide more academically rigorous LLCs, said Tresa Barlage, associate director in the Office of Residence Life. RedHawk Traditions and General Housing are being eliminated as part of this push to create more “intentional residence communities.” “When picking an LLC, it is important for students to think about they are interested in, either academically or co-curricularly,” Barlage said. “There are so many options for LLCs that incoming students need to decide if they want to make social connections or academic connections.” Miami is welcoming a nursing program to campus next fall, and an LLC for nursing majors will come accompany the program. This LLC was introduced by nursing faculty who thought that an LLC would help create a collaborative learning environment for the students.   Miami is also creating a Community of Justice and Wellbeing community which was suggested by the College of Education, Health and Society. This LLC will focus on community service and engagement. Additionally, an LLC is being created for Louis Stokes Scholars, a national scholarship program targeted at a select number of college students who are interested in public service careers. Miami is also introducing a new concept to the LLC program: affinity...

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Student government votes to support increased RA pay

The ASG senate voted unanimously last week to approve Sen. Mike Meleka’s bill that officially supports of an increase in resident assistant compensation. Currently, Meleka told the Senate, RAs are paid a flat stipend — for first-year RAs, around $7,900 in gross pay per year —  that can be put towards school tuition or fees if needed. Their housing and meal costs are not covered. Under ASG’s proposed plan, RAs would get waivers for their housing costs, meal plan costs, and residential fees, as well as a $1,300 stipend each year. These numbers have been discussed and casually agreed upon with the Office of Residence Life, Meleka said. Miami University’s resident assistants are in the bottom 10 percent of RA compensations across similar universities, as noted by the Resident Assistant Benchmark Study done by Colleen Bunn, Assistant Director of Residence Life. University policy also dictates that RAs are not permitted to hold another on-campus job, so this could be their only source of income. While an increase in RA compensation has been discussed among administrators, the student body is generally not sensitive to the issue. Meleka hopes that the passage of this bill will result in student support for the increase in compensation. “One of the reasons I do not believe the compensation change has been previously encouraged by the students and may not have had a response from...

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Senate votes Adler off-campus senator, raises credit hour cap

ASG Senate voted Tuesday to elect Bobby Adler as off-campus student senator and in support of raising the credit hour cap during registration from 17 hours to 20. Three candidates pitched themselves to Senators with a brief presentation. In executive session, the senators discussed and took a vote, choosing the junior who also serves as treasurer of the College Democrats. “I believe that my position is unique compared to other Senators because since all of my constituents are at least second year students, they are very aware of the issues students face on campus,” Adler said in his address to Senate. “I look forward to constituents bringing all of the issues they experience to my attention so they can be swiftly and effectively addressed.” To make it easier for these issues to be addressed, Adler suggested opening up ASG for more students to come, or creating a website for students to submit complaints or solutions to problems on and off campus. The only resolution discussed in Senate this week — SR 021600, “A Resolution to Support Raising the Registration Credit Hour Limit” — was authored by Trent White and Molly O’Donnell and sponsored by nearly a dozen senators and cabinet members. The bill would raise the credit hour limit to 20 hours when first registering for classes. One in five of students at Miami have double-majors or co-majors The...

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ASG elects new parliamentarian

ASG Senate elected a new parliamentarian Tuesday after the resignation of former speaker and parliamentarian Jack Fetick, as well as students to serve on the student trustee selection committee. In the special internal election to replace Fetick — who is currently studying for a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree in economics — Senate chose Max Mellott, a former senator and the Senate’s first technology officer. The parliamentarian is a voting member of Senate who is well-versed in parliamentary procedure debate. The role of the parliamentarian, in his opinion, is to know what the bylaws are and to be a resource for senators who need help understanding the rules. As parliamentarian, Mellott wants to work closely with senators and the administrative committee in order to make sure the rules and practices align in ASG. “Senate this year has a lot of fresh faces, and while in a lot of ways that is an amazing thing, it also means that we don’t have as many people who are as knowledgeable about our procedures as in years past, so I think that it is more important than ever that Senators have access to the resources that they need in order to do their jobs effectively,” Mellott said. “Senate is about representing students, but to do that as best as possible Senators need to have access to procedural tools, and that is where...

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