The Miami Plan: Critical thinking … but not too critical

By Kyle Hayden, Design Editor When I walk into a room at Miami University I do not light it up. This is no mistake. I can see the light switch. I know what it does. I also happen to know what’s on the other end of the light switches. But this does nothing. It gives me no respite. I take no moral “high ground” in my reluctance to turn the lights on. Adorono has quoted Fabian Freyenhagen on the topic: “In a wrong world, no one can be healthy, live well or even rightly. Also, in such an ill...

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Workers not paid enough

TO THE EDITOR: I recently read the story “Miami employees turn to food pantry” in the April 29 issue of The Student and was rightly horrified. The university and our community should be working to ensure that we take care of all our employees. At a time when the university is ostensibly making millions in internal revenue, (how else can we afford all the new parking lots, athletic facilities, among many other things,) but not afford to pay the people who make sure this university looks and functions properly? Why are we parsing preferential golden eggs to certain areas...

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Hungry for profit: Why industrial agriculture will not solve food insecurity

By Kyle Hayden, Guest Columnist I read with great interest Jacob Mueller’s recent article about food security in the United States and beyond, and I must return with some comments of my own. Mueller and I agree that food security is an issue largely ignored by the public, and it’s not accidental that few people are thinking about this issue. We are largely unconcerned about where our food comes from, and this is concerning. However, I believe Mueller and I disagree about how we should address food insecurity going forward. It’s my understanding, and the understanding of several researchers,...

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Our criminal justice system, a scourge to democracy

By Kyle Hayden, Design Editor During winter break, several people I attended high school with from my hometown were arrested as part of a larger ‘bust’ of almost two-dozen people involved in drug trafficking in Sidney, Ohio. This is not uncommon. Three years ago, a good friend of mine who graduated at the top of our high school class withdrew from The Ohio State University and ended up in jail within nine months for breaking and entering. He was trying to steal valuables from a stranger’s home in order to make money: to buy heroin and cocaine. My cousin, Brad...

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A reflection on the unbearable commodification of our student body

Author and professor Henry Giroux wrote a book in 2007 titled “The University in Chains: Confronting the Military-Industrial-Academic Complex.” The book details the unseen emergence of  the militarization of college campuses across the nation following the collapse of the twin towers on Sep. 11, 2001. The increasing sense of insecurity and fear of “others” permeates the psyche of the student body. Giroux laments the increasing “politics of disposability” displayed by and at student bodies and their administrations. He writes of the growing notion that “anyone, anywhere could be a terrorist or a threat at any time, and that we need...

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