Kyle Hayden, Columnist The gentle rock muzak was oozing from the speakers in a nice-smelling corporate bookstore. I’m staring in bewilderment at the “BOOKSHOTS” shelf wondering how we made it to this point. Two people near me were being sucked in, right on cue: “Man, wait, look what’s happening to us, just like it says!” gesturing at the cardboard  shelves: “Impossible to put down!” These little books, authored by James Patterson and his legion of intern-and-probably-computerized minions used to be called “novellas” but apparently masculinity is so fragile even reading has to be “bro-ified.” The books are advertised as...

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Liberal nice-ism in the election a bane to political activism

By Kyle Hayden, Columnist  From John Zerzan’s “The Nihilist’s Dictionary”: “Nice-ism, n. tendency, more or less socially codified, to approach reality in terms of whether others behave cordially; tyranny of decorum that disallows thinking or acting for oneself; mode of interaction based upon the above absence of critical judgment or autonomy.” Last week the GOP office of Orange County, North Carolina in Hillsborough was firebombed by a yet-unknown entity. Those who committed the firebombing also apparently spraypainted nearby, “NAZI REPUBLICANS LEAVE TOWN OR ELSE.” Trump tweeted (apparently this is an official form of communication today), “Animals representing Hillary Clinton...

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An open letter to Turning Point USA: growth dogma is a detriment to all life on the planet

By Kyle Hayden, Columnist For the last few days, Turning Point USA, a right-wing youth group focusing on disseminating information about “Free market” principles and “entrepreneurship” has been tabling in the Armstrong Student Center. Now on their table, they were giving out a booklet titled “ 10 ways fossil fuels improve our daily lives.” I take from German playwright Bertolt Brecht, who said of the poet Horace’s line “What joy, for fatherland to die!” — “Zweckpropaganda,” — cheap, petty material for a specific purpose. This is what this pamphlet aims to do: convince the reader the needs of the energy companies take precedence over the needs of the human and non-human lives living in the biosphere; that the needs of the economy are more important than the needs of the biosphere. Further, they try to tell the reader that fossil fuels are a net good for humanity. I am going to take a look at some of the claims and challenge them. The first page in the document is full of ideology (which I realize is its purpose, and it is highly persuasive material if you’ve never considered the topic before). Page 1: “Students are indoctrinated to believe the myth that fossil fuels are dirty and renewable energy is a plausible alternative.” As if fossil fuels are not dirty (they try to make the case later in the book...

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What does this flag really mean?

Kyle Hayden, Guest Columnist This week I saw a video of a man burning and shooting (with a gun) a Pan-African flag. People have been burning the jersey of Colin Kapernik, an NFL quarterback, who has been protesting the National Anthem by kneeling to draw attention to social justice issues and the deaths of unarmed black youth and adults. Let’s then take a look at another symbol of American politics we can see floating around town: the Gadsden flag or the “Tea Party” flag. Could it possibly be a symbol of inter-community solidarity and generosity? Or could it be...

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The failures of non-violent thought in an era of structural violence

By Kyle Hayden, Design Editor Energy Transfer Partners is trying to build an underground oil pipeline that will transport “light sweet crude” from the North Dakota Bakken oil formation to a processing facility in southern Illinois. The pipeline will be almost 1,200 miles along and travel through four states. Currently the pipeline is planned to pass through Standing Rock Sioux and Cheyenne among other territories. The pipeline is being constructed simultaneously in all four states through which it passes. There have been extensive protests and protestors have shut down operations on Standing Rock territory almost every day. But the...

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