Uptown bar and restaurant 45 East closed

Lease agreement cause for shutdown, owner says   One of Oxford’s most popular Uptown establishments, 45 East Bar & Grill, closed its doors this week. Owner Will Weisman sent an email to the 45 East employees explaining that, despite both he and his brother Mark’s best efforts, they were unable to negotiate terms with the property owner to extend their lease on the building. The property also includes the second story bar Decibel and its dance floor space. “We were simply unable to finalize a lease extension and decided to look for other locations,” Weisman said. “The relationship with...

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Miami splits squad in VA

The Miami University women’s tennis team travels to Virginia for a set of tournaments split between the team. Four RedHawks face the University of Virginia in Charlottesville for the UVA Invitational, and the rest of the team takes on Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. MU has faced neither of these teams before, but they are looking good against some tough competition. “It’s definitely going to be a tough match, but I’m excited to be playing a team of that caliber,” sophomore Hannah Shyten said. Shyten’s overall record sits at 19-13. She is one of the four going to UVA....

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Pete Rose reflects on baseball career, gambling during lecture

By Krista Savage, News Editor  A sold-out Hall Auditorium welcomed baseball legend Pete Rose Monday night. A crowd of 750 cheered as Rose stood on stage and once again proclaimed his life-long goal of being inducted into Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame. Rose, alongside Cincinnati sports columnist Paul Daugherty, joined Miami University’s annual lecture series as the first event of the year titled “Winning is Everything: The Hit King Talks Ethics in Sport.” During the lecture, Rose and Daugherty addressed the topic of Rose’s gambling on the game of baseball when he was a player and a manager...

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Working, day and night, to support family

It’s after-hours. The next lot of drunk students line up at Pulley Diner to tame their appetites. For employees, this means it’s time to get to work. Taking orders, cleaning up, passing out food when it’s ready — all tasks that need to be accomplished no matter the time of day. For Chaz McGary, however, work doesn’t end when he clocks out. McGary is a student from Mason, Ohio who attends Sinclair Community College. He will graduate in 2017. This job is just a step along the way for him. When he isn’t working at 3 a.m., he’s studying. “On...

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Faculty, students express mixed feelings about Canvas

Miami University officially introduced students to a new online learning management system, Canvas, this fall. Over 800 colleges, universities and school districts in the U.S. are currently using it. Canvas will completely replace the old management system, Niihka, by fall of 2016. Now that most students have used the program for a week, mixed feelings have risen to the surface. “It’s not more confusing, it’s just inconvenient and unnecessary,” said sophomore Caroline Hellman. “I have to go to two different sites for assignments instead of having them all right there … Miami should just pick one and stick to...

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