‘Narcos’ is still magical realism that (almost) never disappoints

“Narcos” season three, episode one, “The Kingpin Strategy,” begins with Agent Javier Pena, a Drug Enforcement Administration agent who’s been through this all before, in an intimate conversation with his father. The older man pleads with his son not to put his life on the line in the name of the drug war again, knowing that he’s already made his decision. “So, Cali . . .” his father says, begrudgingly accepting his son’s choice. The younger Peña nods his agreement,.“Cali,” he says in a grave tone as the screen quickly fades to black. Just like that, a new season...

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How is Miami talking to new students about sexual assault?

First-year Katherine Johnson was excited to check her Miami email account for the first time, last spring. But when she logged in, Johnson was overcome by a sense of dread. What am I getting into? she wondered, as she clicked through the four or five sexual assault-related crime alerts in her inbox. “I feel like you can read as much as you want about people with past experience in college, and all the statistics, but when you actually see it happens, that was just kind of a wakeup call,” said Johnson. “This is where you’re going to live for the next four years, and this is what’s happening there.” Two sexual assaults were reported in Oxford the weekend of Sept. 1, then two more on Sept. 22. But while Miami’s sexual assault reports have increased over the past year, administrators don’t necessarily see this as a bad thing. Becca Getson, Miami’s Deputy Title IX coordinator for matters related to sexual violence, and Kathie Wollney, education and outreach coordinator for sexual and interpersonal violence, both said it’s actually the opposite. “We know that this is happening,” said Wollney. “We know that there’s a discrepancy between reporting numbers and the actual rate of incidents. When we see those start to become a little closer, we see that as a good thing because people are accessing the resources that we have, and...

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To the Odyssey: We cannot afford to be anti-feminist

Kirby Davis, Entertainment Editor I’ve mistaken a lot of real headlines this year for Onion articles (my favorite being “Chelsea Clinton accuses Bannon of ‘fat shaming’ Sean Spicer”). But none have unsettled me, recently, as much as one published on The Odyssey Online: “I’m the Girl Who’d Rather Raise A Family Than A Feminist Protest Sign.” Though the author claims she is “deeply thankful” for the women before her who fought for her rights today, the rest of her article begs to differ. Her argument, that feminism is “dividing our sisterhood” and shames females who choose domesticity over careers,...

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McDonald’s apologizes for insufficient Szechuan Sauce, promises to bring it back this winter

The Oxford McDonald’s was so crowded on Saturday that when senior Brandon Fogel and his girlfriend arrived, at promptly 1:50 p.m., they had to park across the street. The “Rick and Morty” t-shirt-clad customers inside were not there for the chain’s new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders. They wanted limited-edition Szechuan Sauce, which is alluded to in season three of the cartoon and, this Saturday, made a comeback for the first time since 1998 at select McDonald’s locations around the country. Oxford was supposed to be one of these, starting at 2 p.m. But when Fogel found a group of his...

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Oxford McDonald’s one of nearly 1,000 in the country to offer Szechuan Sauce tomorrow

Oxford’s McDonald’s is one of around 1,000 locations in the country that will offer Szechuan Sauce tomorrow with its new chicken tenders — a long-awaited return for fans of the TV show, “Rick and Morty.” The sauce first appeared in McDonald’s restaurants in 1998, in connection with the release of Disney’s “Mulan.” It disappeared after that year, but a joke in “Rick and Morty’s” season three premiere prompted a widespread social media campaign for its return. According to a press release, McDonald’s now plans to deliver to their “most obsauced fans.” Customers who order the new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders will...

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