‘Stranger Things 2’ is not this fall’s scariest new show

If you, like me, consumed “Stranger Things 2” in a breathless nine-hour binge and are still hungry for televised horror seeped in 1980s nostalgia, consider CBS’ new series “Young Sheldon.” Given the nature of “The Big Bang Theory,” it makes sense that the network went with horror for its spinoff as well. The show’s unparalleled medley of misogynistic undertones, disproportionate amount of detestable characters and relentlessly unfunny humor hold strong in “Young Sheldon.” The show follows an innocent Texan family being terrorized by their nine-year-old genius son, a horror trope arguably too heavily relied on in recent years (“Orphan,”...

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Students for Life’s anti-abortion displays vandalized

Both displays set up by Miami’s chapter of Students for Life of America were vandalized on campus earlier this month, according to the club’s president, sophomore Jessie Hicks. On Friday, Oct. 20, two students and the anti-abortion organization’s Ohio Regional Coordinator, Morgan Getts, were manning a table near the seal when a man approached them. Silently, he took their tri-fold poster illustrating the stages of life from conception and attempted to tear it in half before throwing it to the ground and stomping on it. Getts managed to capture video footage of him retreating, but the club has since...

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HBO’s ‘Spielberg’ doc is beautifully made, but boring

“Gaga: Five Foot Two” premiered on Netflix last month. The documentary feels, often, like we’re simply following Gaga around as she talks to herself, unaware of the camera’s presence. Sometimes it feels like an aimless but nonetheless aesthetically pleasing indie short. But throughout, the doc provides window after window into the titular megastar’s life that we haven’t really been privy to before. We all know about her rebranding with last year’s “Joanne,” the dissolution of her relationship with ex-fiancé Taylor Kinney and the terrifying reverence much of her fanbase directs toward her, painting her as a religious figure of...

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A breakdown of last week’s new albums

“Colors” is a well-crafted, poppy return to Beck’s goofier roots Unlike other surprise hits from 1990s alt-rockers (here’s looking at you, “Creep”), Beck’s massive 1994 track “Loser” is actually a pretty decent look into the artist’s discography; the hip-hop beat, loopy white-boy rap and countrified guitar lick are pretty hard to categorize. Beck has made his career out of contradictions and unpredictability. Earlier records took liberally from country, rock, pop and rap, not really caring about being taken seriously. He is a musical genius, to be sure, but one that doesn’t forget to have fun. His latest LP, “Colors,”...

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Relive your middle school glory days with ‘Big Mouth’

Ah, middle school. What a time to be alive! A time when we were at our most hilariously awkward, as puberty assaulted us like, well, a monster. Or, at least, that’s the idea of “Big Mouth,” a hilarious new animated comedy that hit Netflix Sept. 29. “Big Mouth” follows two friends, Nick Birch (Nick Kroll) and Andrew Glouberman (John Mulaney), whose middle school misadventures are based on the tween years of Kroll and series co-creator Andrew Goldberg. Their once harmonious childhoods have been upended by none other than The Hormone Monster (also Kroll), who appears and encourages the boys...

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