Netflix brings the nostalgia with ‘The Magic School Bus Rides Again’

It’s been a long time since I buckled my seatbelt and hunkered down for a trip through outer space. Or through some kid’s digestive tract. Or, in this case, a wild adventure to the Galapagos Islands, complete with invasive species and symbiotic ecosystems. That’s right, 1990s babies, the magic school bus is back, or should I say “The Magic School Bus Rides Again,” which arrived on Netflix Sept. 29. Although geared toward younger audiences, this revival has the advantage of calling upon the fond memories of college-age people like myself who will never forget the thrills of delight and...

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“This Is Us” returns to NBC

After the jaw-dropping and tear-jerking season one finale of NBC’s hit drama “This Is Us,” audiences all over the country sat in their living rooms dealing with heartache and searching for answers they were never given (and for another box of Kleenex).  When the second season premiere aired last Tuesday, fans of the show received a major clue to the answer of the question everyone is dying to ask: What happened to Jack? The season two premiere picks up three months later on Kate, Kevin and Randall’s birthday. This parallels the pilot episode, which opened on the Big Three’s...

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