Miami Mythbusters: Haunts or Hoaxes at Wilson Hall?

Wilson Hall stands in the quiet corner of East Quad, set back behind giant trees that make the building’s stone face almost impossible to spot from afar. The hall has a quiet eeriness about it, as it has not hosted students under its red tile roof for the last two years. It’s not just the lack of residents, however, that contributes to the Wilson’s eerie feel. Wilson Hall, originally called “The Pines,” served as a mental asylum for women with mental health and addiction problems before being purchased by the university in 1936. The building has been used for...

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John Mulaney brings ‘Kid Gorgeous’ tour to Cincinnati

The opening chords of David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel” blared, and audience chatter quickly dissolved into thunderous applause as comedian John Mulaney leapt onto the stage of Procter and Gamble Hall in Cincinnati. Mulaney, a former writer for “Saturday Night Live,” is well known for his past stand-up specials “The Top Part,” “New in Town” and “The Comeback Kid.” He recently wrapped up a 15-week run of “The Oh, Hello Show” on Broadway with Nick Kroll, which is also available on Netflix. He was in Cincinnati on Friday as a part of his “Kid Gorgeous” tour. The original 7 p.m....

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Hike-A-Thon PLUS partners with 4 Paws For Ability

Video by Emily Brustoski In the dry heat of Saturday afternoon, 25 local community organizations lined a slate-colored gravel path under the shade of red and white tents at Hueston Woods. Passing hikers had a wide range of activities to chose from, with organizations offering everything from a hearty helping of popcorn, to a meet and greet with a friendly albino corn snake. The 11th annual Hike-A-Thon PLUS was in full swing. Every year Miami Health and Wellness and Miami Trails Association host the event in an effort to bring together community members and learn more about the surrounding...

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Humans of Oxford: Olive Overmoyer: Keeping beer in STEM

Not many high school freshmen go on brewery tours with their parents. Fewer still find their life’s calling on one. But, as she toured the Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Del., Olive Overmoyer was not most interested in the Burning Man treehouse-turned-conference-room, nor was she dissuaded by the terrible smell of hops. Rather, Olive was enticed by the people brewing the beer. “They get to work with their hands, not in an office, and they get to create something, but it is also very scientific,” said Olive. Since then, she’s been hooked. Her eyes light up behind her clear-rimmed...

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