Humans of Oxford: The girl who let go

She takes down any pictures of him hanging on her dorm room wall and tucks them away in a neat pile where she can’t find them. An entire semester of struggling to save her relationship — all for nothing. Her eyes are swollen and she grabs for a tissue. It’s a new semester now, and he’s a part of the past. The last time she was in this room, on this campus, she’d been dating her best friend for over a year. Today, she feels utterly alone. An entire first semester of freshman year focusing on a boy instead...

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Student’s slur sparked storm on social media

A Facebook post made on Wednesday, Nov. 1 has raised significant attention to the issues of racism and discrimination at Miami with over 500 likes and shares in the past five days. “So, Miami University student, Thomas Wright, described black students as a ‘n—-r’ in a GroupMe chat,” junior Da’Vante Montgomery wrote. “There’s about 500 black students out of 16,000 at Miami. This is what we deal with DAILY! I dare all of the white students to hold him and the UNIVERSITY accountable.” The post went further to discuss the steps the Miami community needs to take to address what Montgomery believes to be a racist culture on campus. “Are we surprised? Hell no!!! But we are about to make him famous,” Montgomery wrote. It’s time to have a serious conversation about being BLACK AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY.” Screenshots of Thomas Wright’s message were attached to the post. Wright commented numerous times on the Facebook post that if anyone personally messaged him, he’d explain himself. “I’ve talked to faculty and I’ve talked to students. I’m owning up to what I said. I’m ashamed. I’m embarrassed. I’m sorry,” Wright said. “I want people to know that I’m taking steps to learn from this and steps to educate those that don’t understanding the meaning of the word. This has put things in perspective.” When prompted about whether or not the university would...

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Diversity Affairs Council moves forward with inclusion initiative

The Diversity Affairs Committee within ASG is making an effort  to promote a sense of greater  inclusion between domestic students and the international students on Miami’s campus. Last week, Quentin McCorvey, secretary for Diversity Affairs, delegated twelve of his committee members to each attend the meetings of about eight of the nearly one hundred diverse organizations on campus. Organizations include the Asian American Association, Black Student Action Association, Best Buddies, and Association of Latin and American Students. It is the responsibility of these members to attend at least one meeting of each organization per semester in order to give students an opportunity to voice their concerns. “We would really like to be more transparent with these groups and help promote ASG, which a lot of them don’t know much about,” said McCorvey. The goal of these meetings is to get a better sense of the obstacles international students face during their time at Miami. After committee members collect these concerns, they will bring them back to the senate to work on writing legislation that will hopefully improve these issues. One of the big complaints the committee is already addressing  is to reduce the rate for on-campus housing during breaks for international students. According to the H.O.M.E. office, any student who stays on campus during break periods when the university is closed has to pay $29.50 each night. For international...

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ASG hosts forum for international students

Eight international students spoke Monday at the Joslin Senate Chamber, voicing their concerns about inclusion in student government and the broader Miami community. “The language barrier is a huge social thing,” said Ting Lei, a senior from Ningxia, China, and one of the students who spoke. “In situations like group meetings, you can feel very alone. Americans don’t include us in conversation.” The International Student Concerns Forum — ASG’s first — was organized by Meaghan Murtagh, secretary for advancement and alumni affairs, and Quentin McCorvey, secretary of diversity affairs, in the hopes of improving ASG’s relations with international students....

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ASG to hold open forum for international students

Meaghan Murtagh, ASG’s secretary for advancement and alumni affairs, noticed a problematic divide between international and domestic students in one of her classes earlier this year. “After talking to two international students in one of my classes about their concerns at Miami,” she said, “I thought that ASG as a community should talk to international students to hear what their needs are and how we can make their college experiences better.” In an effort to start bridging the gap between domestic and international students, ASG will be holding its first international student concerns forum on Monday, Oct. 16 from...

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