Oxford rallies against child separation

Oxford families gathered in the shade beneath the stage and trees in Uptown Park on Saturday morning, weathering the heat to attend a rally against child separation and detainment at the border.

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Bias incident reporting made easier

One of activist group Black Action Movement 2.0’s (BAM 2.0) initial demands has been met with a new tool on the myMiami homepage that allows students to easily report bias and discrimination incidents.

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Pain relief at needle point: Oxford business offers discounted acupuncture

I expected my long-held fear of needles to rear its vicious head as I entered the building of Gloyeske Acupuncture Pointe, a fear that I had conveniently forgotten about until that moment. Instead, when I opened the door of the repurposed house on Fairfield Road I was met by a waft of calming peppermint-scented air and the quiet strains of an Oriental flute drifting out from the back rooms.

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Miami student stands for Syrian refugees

To many, the Syrian refugee crisis may seem to be a far-away thing — the product of a war seen only through TV screens. But, to junior Sara Al-Zubi, the plight of refugees is real and present, even here in Ohio, and she has taken it upon herself to do whatever she can to help resettle refugee families who have traveled across the ocean to find safety in America.

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