Miami primatologist earns national distinction

Linda Marchant’s office is located near the back of a small warren of rooms in a corner of Upham Hall. A printout of a meme is taped to the primatologist and professor of anthropology’s door, expressing frustration with people who call apes “monkeys.” Inside, books and papers fill the shelves along one wall and cover most flat surfaces, reflecting the knowledge and curiosity of the woman who sits in the middle of it all. Marchant, a lifelong lover of science, animals and museums, recently received the award for Outstanding Research into Human Origins from the Center for Research into...

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Miami alums make ‘mountain music’

In the main room of Miami University’s Interfaith Center, Judy and Warren Waldron are playing music. Most of the color is gone from their hair, but their hands and fingers are still quick and lively. Judy plucks at the strings of her banjo while Warren’s bow moves back and forth across the neck of his fiddle. Together, they sing: “Free, little bird, as I can be; free, little bird, as I can be; build my nest in a wide oak tree, where the bad boys, they cannot bother me.” They are playing what some  call “mountain music” — music...

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Caleb Russell: The succulent guy

Caleb Russell’s windowsill is a greenhouse. Mason jars, clay pots and ceramic vases purchased from thrift shops and craft stores cover every available surface, each one filled with tiny green plants. Caleb is a freshman theatre and arts management co-major. He lives in Collins Hall as a member of the Celebrate the Arts LLC. Sheets of music paper the walls of his room, and bass thumps from the adjacent dorm as he details the care and feeding of succulents. “I wouldn’t consider myself an expert,” he says. “But I know what I’m doing.” Caleb is known to some as...

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First years’ first days: The freshman ‘shock’ experience

The first semester away at college is tough. Whether your parents washed your dirty laundry your whole life or you were the most self-sufficient, I-know-my-social-security-number-and-how-to-use-jumper-cables kid in your high school class, there’s some adjusting to do after arriving in Oxford. Among the things our first-year writers found out: A box full of bright-pink tools isn’t the worst way to make friends. It can hurt to watch your parents drive away. No, Brick is not a movie theater. Store-bought tortillas do not taste as good as your grandmother’s. It’s easy to feel lonely on campus — but there are always...

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