College students across America are fighting fossil fuels with Divestment Campaigns: So should Miami

Jordan Gilligan, Columnist Fossil fuel companies are some of the largest and wealthiest companies on the planet. They have influence over our government and our planet. Fossil fuels have caused climate change and have turned the world we live in into a wasteland. The more awareness this problem is bringing, the more voices come up from it. Young people from all over have a voice on this. And who better than to make a change then the young people of the future? College students across the nation have been creating Divestment Campaigns for fossil fuels. These campaigns are a way for colleges to stop putting their money into fossil fuel companies. Collectively, universities and colleges have a minimum of $12 billion in fossil fuel company stocks (such as ExxonMobil and Peabody) according to Dan Apfel, Executive Director for the Responsible Endowments Coalition. I guess my question is, if this is a nationwide thing happening right now, then why is Miami University not a part of this? Young people should be concerned about the state of our environment. Our actions now determine our future. I believe Miami should be a part in this movement to save our environment, and our school should come together to create this organization on our campus. is the leading website for divestment of fossil fuels and provides students with steps on how to create...

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It’s time to see through Miami’s typical body image

If you ask anyone on campus if Miami University has a certain “image” many students would answer yes. Anyone who would disagree would have to just take a look around and notice the plethora of Lululemon, Vineyard Vines, Patagonia, and various other brand names that make Miami… well… Miami. Sometimes I see all three on one person plus that Louis Vuitton tote bag, and I’m thinking to myself, “I bet half of your closet is the amount of my semester’s tuition.” I’m not here to write about the brand names people wear, but to make a point about the “Miami Mold.” There is a specific look on campus that completes this mold, especially when it comes to women. Being a part of a sorority is what a majority of Miami women on campus choose to do. While being a typical “Miami girl” and being in a sorority  can come with a sense of pride and belonging, it can also come with serious consequences. If you ask any sorority girl what her rush experience was like, many of the girls make exasperated sighs or roll their eyes. Rushing a sorority puts enormous pressure on women because they know each sorority looks for a certain image or quality in every person they interview. Certain sororities have a type of woman they look for, and the idea of this can be very...

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