3 Keys: How the Atlanta Falcons LOST Super Bowl LI

Thank you, Super Bowl LI. In the midst of one of the least competitive NFL Playoffs in recent history, the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons combined to deliver a historic ending to the 2016-17 football season. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the Patriots and Falcons set a whopping 24 NFL records in their matchup Sunday night. Twenty-one of these newly minted records belong solely to the New England Patriots. Whether it was New England’s highly-publicized, record-setting comeback or their more obscure record for the most plays run in a game, the Patriots were able to write their place into the record books all throughout Super Bowl LI. Up until the Patriots’ first touchdown of the night midway through the 3rd quarter, this game appeared to be heading in an entirely different direction. A Patriots’ blowout loss would have dealt an unprecedented blow to the legacies of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, and an emphatic Falcons’ win would have solidified Matt Ryan and Julio Jones among the game’s elite. As we are all well aware by now, the unquestioned greatest quarterback of all time led by the greatest coach of all time, instead orchestrated one of the most demoralizing dismantling of an opponent in Super Bowl history. How did the Falcons fall apart so quickly? What changed in the second half to allow the Patriots to make such...

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Miami debuts $25 million athletic facility

Miami University can now claim to have the most modern athletic complex in the Mid-American Conference, debuting its newest facility in a ribbon-cutting ceremony inside the Dauch Indoor Sports Center Wednesday evening. The new Athletic Performance Center, which is now joined to the Dauch Indoor Sports Center, has become the primary center for RedHawks football-related activities. It comes with a $25 million price tag. MU athletic director David Sayler, believes that the completion of the new APC sends a message to the rest of the MAC that the ‘Hawks football program isn’t to be taken lightly in the future....

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Super Bowl Ads: Winners, Losers and Everything In-between

Coming in at about $5 Million for one 30-second spot, the Super Bowl provides a platform to large businesses to showcase their advertising talent. Businesses look to draw huge crowds to their sites and stores through small ads that draw all sorts of reactions. The competition this year for best ad will be stiff, so instead we put together a list of ads organized by their most fitting superlative. If you have any disagreements with our choices, or have a list of your own, feel free to reach out to me!   Ad Pertaining Least to Company: PepsiCo: Sobe-Lifewater “Art Makes Life #MoreInspired” (Link) More than anything, this ad confused me. Is it water? Art? Both? If I drink this water, should I pick up a paintbrush, switch my major, and head to Italy to begin my career as a muralist? The smooth voice of John Legend and vibrant colors can only do so much to make up for the lack of direction.   Most Politically Motivated Ad: (TIE) 84 Lumber: “The Will to Succeed is Always Welcome Here” (Link) AND Budweiser: “Born the Hard Way” (Link) Immigration seemed to be a hot topic behind the more politically motivated Super Bowl commercials, and extended far beyond the three ads mentioned here. Budweiser — for the first time in recent memory — moved the clydesdales to the background and highlighted...

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3 Keys: How the New England Patriots Will Win Super Bowl LI

Nick Schleter, The Miami Student Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, and everyone – gamblers, casual fans, commercial fans and finger food aficionados alike – will be watching the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots square off. Unfortunately for many (the Patriots are the league’s most hated team, after all) the matchups indicate that New England is headed for its 5th world championship of the millennium. Here are the 3 keys as to why. Reason #1: The Falcons are No Match Defensively Tom Brady has one of the quickest releases in football and the Patriots use the quick passing...

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3 Keys: How the Atlanta Falcons Will Win Super Bowl LI

Any individual who has tuned into a sports talk show lately, flipped on a late-night episode of SportsCenter or been in the general vicinity of someone in a Patriots’ jersey has heard the same, overdrawn narrative. Supposedly, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are an unstoppable dynasty and are destined to solidify their status among the greats with another Super Bowl victory this Sunday. Despite the fact that the Patriots struggled to put away a Houston Texans team that had as much business in the playoffs as Andy Dalton in a tanning bed, and then were gift-wrapped a...

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