Ecological economist points out pitfalls in our neo-liberal economic system

One of the greatest intellectual disparities with the current economic system is its lack of appreciation of how the natural world works. It argues that in order to be financially stable, you need growth. Whether it is GDP, sales or population, if it isn’t growing, it’s failing. There’s an intrinsic cognitive dissonance with a system that relies solely on growth: while the market needs to grow constantly to succeed, the Earth cannot. The Earth is a finite planet. While we often think of the market as an obscure and transcendental entity separate from the earth’s ecosystem, the opposite is...

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Caddie appreciation: an introspective tale from the original stone wall

By James Steinbauer Opinion Editor “Are you in school, son?” the man asks as he pops up from reading his putt and starts to lumber back into me. He’s a big man. Like Uncle Vernon from the Harry Potter series  —  bushy mustache and all. “Yes, actually, I’m going into my junior year at Miami Ohio,” I respond in bits as I tiptoe backwards in unison. It’s a common occurrence on the golf course. A guest, who isn’t used to having a caddie, will almost always forget that we’re standing right behind them reading their putt. The dance that ensues...

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Board of Trustees awarded Hodge pay, bonus raise

By James Steinbauer, Editorial Editor Miami’s Board of Trustees want President David Hodge to know they appreciate his 11 years at the school, awarding him a salary increase and bonus with a combined worth of over $100,000. On Friday, June 26, the trustees approved a resolution that authorized a 3 percent salary increase for Hodge. The increase brought his base salary to a total of $432,022 for the 2016 fiscal year. In addition to the salary increase, the board awarded Hodge a bonus of $86,404 for 2016 fiscal year. In the past, Hodge has turned down his yearly bonus;...

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Are you there, Miami? It’s me, humanity

A few weeks ago, walking through Armstrong, someone asked if I would like to ask God a question. “No,” I replied. “I’m sorry, but I don’t believe in that type of God.” And if I did, I thought, I doubt the people running the board would want to display any question I’d ask for all the Make It Miami tour groups to see. I was intrigued, though, so I decided to hang around and watch. If given the chance to ask an all-knowing creator of the universe one question, what would Miami students ask? Here’s the extent of what...

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MU students withdraw over Wells Hall incident

By James Steinbauer University Editor The two first-years charged with writing offensive graffiti on a bulletin board in Wells Hall have withdrawn from Miami University as of Wednesday evening, according to Miami University Director of News and Communications Claire Wagner. Because student records are protected under FERPA, Wagner was unable to specify whether the university dismissed William Armour and Samir Lal, or if the students withdrew on their own accord. Armour and Lal still face misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief and are due to appear before Ohio Area 1 Court at 10 a.m. Thursday, April 16. In an email...

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