New Senators, Executive Council members elected in marathon Senate session

Two senators and two members were chosen by ASG Senate in a several-hour Senate session on Tuesday. The four new representatives — Adrian Radilla for the Third District in Senate, Atticus Block in the College of Engineering and Computing academic seat in the Senate and Bradley Davis and  James Gale on the Executive Council — were elected by a majority vote after a lengthy debate over a bureaucratic bill to alter the election process for student seats on the Board of Trustees, Student Affairs Council and University Senate. The bill proposed several amendments to the relevant bylaws, including a...

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Remodel opens new chapter for bookstore

The upper level of Miami’s central bookstore was demolished on Monday, Sep. 11, in the second phase of Shriver Center’s overhaul. “The bookstore is repurposing to be reflective of other campus bookstores across the country,” associate vice president Cody Powell said. The original bookstore was “formed around the traditional model,” Powell said. Stacks of books sat on the shelves year-round, rotating for various courses and sections. Many new campus bookstores, Powell says, aren’t keeping large quantities of books for students to peruse. Instead, they focus on e-books and online ordering. Miami followed their lead, partnering with eCampus to restrict book sales to online. Students order all books on the website; the books ship from a remote warehouse and students can gather their order at Shriver several days after.  Administrators believe that the new model will result in lower costs for textbooks — and more capacity for other commodities. The remaining space is dedicated to retail: improved and more diverse offerings for technology, apparel and gaming. The expansion will include products “used throughout the course of the semester rather than a one-time shot,” Powell said. The new bookstore will also include expanded services to improve customer experience, especially in the tech section. Shriver’s expansion this year and Armstrong Student Center’s expansion over the summer represent a shift in the dynamic between the two buildings. “Armstrong is intended to be the...

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ASG on-campus senators elected

For all on-campus districts, ASG senators have been selected by direct election from their constituents on the Hub. Results were announced Tuesday afternoon, and senators will be sworn in at Tuesday’s ASG meeting at 6 p.m. in the Joslin Senate Chamber. In the First District, Jasmine Adkins and Alexandra Kyle have been elected. In the Second District, Lukas Schroeder and Kelleigh Beatty have been elected. In the Third District, Craig Beurlein and Jacob Way have been elected. In the Fourth District, Zoe Douglas and Rod Smith have been elected. In the Fifth District, Taylor Liber and Tatum Andres were automatically selected, due to a lack of other candidates. In the Sixth District, Derien Jackson and Samantha Galarza have been elected. Michael Meleka has been elected as the single RA senator. On Sunday, the Seventh and Eighth District senators were selected automatically, as they had no competition. In the Seventh, the new senators are Samantha Brunn and Carson Myers; in the Eighth, Jannie Kamara and Nicholas Ruth. UPDATE, 11:32 p.m.: Election results for the Fifth Distrct have been...

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Automatic victories announced for several ASG Senate candidates

With no competition for their districts, some candidates have been named automatically victorious in their race for ASG Senate, Speaker of the Senate Cole Hankins said. Each on-campus district has two senators. Sophomores Carson Myers and Samantha Brunn have been named on-campus senators for the Seventh District. Freshman Jannie Kamara and sophomore Nicholas Ruth have been declared on-campus senators for the Eighth District. Due to a lack of candidates, the filing deadline for the Fifth District has been extended. There may be an automatic winner to declare on Tuesday, September 5, or a special election will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, September 6 and 7, per Hankins. The remaining Senate elections take place between noon tomorrow, September 4, and noon on September 5....

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Oxford, Miami join ‘Not in Our Town’ initiative

  On a stage facing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park, Mayor Rousmaniere joined Renate and Greg Crawford last night to make a statement: Miami and Oxford will not stand for hate or discrimination of any kind. This came less than 24 hours after about 300 Miami students and community members marched around campus in the student-organized “Rally Against White Supremacy.” It’s important, Greg said, because this pledge “articulates the values of the university.” Sabrina Jewell, an Oxford advocate for marginalized groups, appeared before city council to propose that Oxford become a “Gold Star City” in the “Not in...

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