Lil B and Miami discuss admissions on Twitter

Brandon McCartney — also known as Lil B or The BasedGod, a rapper and social media personality in Berkeley, CA — is considering Miami as he starts his college search. The performer is seeking programs in science, biology and neuroscience. McCartney tweeted on Dec. 7, 2017 that he wants to “offer more to the American people and globally as well as animals,” though he noted that he had never completed high school. Miami’s official Twitter account replied, offering a campus tour and emphasizing its “wonderful programs in the sciences.” WHAT UNIVERSITY WHATS TO LET LIL B COME LEARN AT...

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Miami Student joins Your Voice Ohio reporting initiative

  The Miami Student, along with several other publications in the Miami Valley, is joining forces with local news organizations to better cover community issues and increase local trust in the media through an initiative titled “Your Voice Ohio.” The Jefferson Center, a nonpartisan civic engagement organization, is coordinating the initiative through the Ohio Media Project (OMP). OMP is made up of several media Ohio outlets, including The Columbus Dispatch, The Cincinnati Enquirer, Dayton Daily News, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Hamilton-Journal News and others. Throughout the next two and a half months, The Student will be working in collaboration with these outlets to specifically address the opioid epidemic in southwestern Ohio. In January, OMP media outlets will produce stories centered around solutions to the opioid crisis. The leaders of this initiative — Andrew Rockway, program director of the Jefferson Center, and Your Voice Ohio, editor and coordinator Doug Oplinger — hope to garner interest for community meetings that will be hosted by the Jefferson Center throughout February. These meetings will take place in Cincinnati, Dayton, Middletown and rural communities in Clinton County and Wilmington. During these times residents, will have the opportunity to meet with journalists one-on-one and gain a better understanding of how journalism works and how reporters can provide the public with more relevant information about rehabilitation centers, opioid addiction hotlines, etc. Updates and stories regarding the...

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IT Services call center outsourced to D.C. educational technology corporation

Connor Wells In order to cut costs and increase utility, Miami IT Services began subcontracting its help desk earlier this year. The new system, managed byBlackboard — an educational technology company based in Washington — is operated out of Somerset, KY, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the switch, fourteen Miami employees were terminated: four full-time staff members, three contract employees, six student employees and the Assistant Vice President for End User Services, McVey says. The university made the change as recommended by a 2015 report by the Ohio Task Force on Affordability and Efficiency in...

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Students for Life at Miami Hamilton suing for alleged First Amendment violations

Students for Life at Miami University’s Hamilton campus, along with the religious legal advocacy organization Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), are suing the school over alleged discrimination and infringement of First Amendment rights. Students for Life, whose national website declares their mission as “abolish[ing] abortion in our lifetime,” was organizing its fourth annual “Cemetery of the Innocents” demonstration when the university’s Director of Student Activities and Orientation, Caitlin Borges, informed the group that they must put up informational signs across campus to notify community members of the display, according to the lawsuit filed Wednesday. Borges suggested the signs say something like, “The Students for Life are displaying their annual Cross Display from October 29th–November 5th. Please contact Ellie Wittman with questions,” according to the lawsuit. The Cemetery of the Innocents display places crosses on the university’s Central Quad to “represent the lives lost to abortion,” the lawsuit states. Borges feared that the display could cause “emotional trauma” for those not expecting the exhibit, while Wittman, the president of the Hamilton campus’ Students for Life chapter, feared that the signs would lessen the exhibit’s impact. Wittman rejected the proposal from Borges, saying it would “interfere with the purpose of the Cemetery of the Innocents display,” the lawsuit says. She recalls that in November 2016, when Miami University Hamilton Pride — a self-described “LGBTQIA+ and ALLY organization for promoting social justice and...

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Rousmaniere, Dana elected to mayor, vice mayor

After an hour-long discussion on appointments — done in private executive session — City Council re-elected incumbent Kate Rousmaniere as mayor and elected council member Steve Dana as vice mayor. Council also chose several appointments to various boards and commissions across Oxford in executive session: Dana and council member Mike Smith were appointed to the Planning Commission. Formerly, the seats were held by Dana and council member Edna Southard. Southard was reappointed to the Recreation Board. Southard was appointed to the Historic and Architectural Preservation Commission. Formerly, the seat was held by Smith. Council members Glenn Ellerbe and David...

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