Miami passes new policy

Changes will affect policy on MU’s Tuition Promise, mothers, weed By Jack Evans, News Editor Coinciding with the legalization of medical marijuana in Ohio on Sept. 8, Miami University has clarified its pot policy. Even though medical marijuana will be legalized on a state level, it is still classified as a schedule one substance and illegal according to federal law. As a public university that receives federal funding accepts federal loans, Miami is obligated to follow the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act. This means that the “manufacture, dispensation, possession, use, or distribution of marijuana in any form on...

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Visa laws restrict international labor

MU students seek better hours, higher pay and familiar community off-campus By Jack Evans, News Editor and Olivia Lewis, For The Miami Student  When faced with sometimes  inflexible or insufficient hours and comparatively low pay at on-campus jobs, many international students are left with a difficult decision to make: break the law and put your visa on the line, or continue to work at a job that may not deliver. The F-1 visa is the standard academic visa provided to international university students, according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website (USCIS). The visa tightly controls an international...

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MU College Dems, GOP square off in debate

By Jack Evans, News Editor Each student hesitated for a moment after crossing the threshold into Farmer School of Business, room 25. Taking tentative steps down the aisle, they scanned the room left and right, looking for a friendly face. The lucky ones saw the Ronald Reagan cutout standing on the right side of the room and sorted themselves out. The political debate season has finally arrived at Miami. With the Democrats’ final debate planned for May and Ted Cruz’s call for a one-on-one battle against Donald Trump, Miami’s College Republicans vs. College Democrats showdown couldn’t have been more...

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