Miami university prepares to open first campus climate survey in 15 years

Miami University will soon be conducting its first comprehensive campus climate survey in 15 years. The One Miami Campus Climate Survey, which opens Sept. 26 and closes Oct. 27, will ask respondents about their personal experiences on campus and cover topics including diversity, sexual harassment and assault. Students, faculty and staff at the Oxford, Hamilton and Middletown campuses — regardless of full or part-time status — can all participate in the survey. The university held its very first campus climate survey in 1996, and then created a second in 2002 — both focused primarily on student experiences related to diversity and inclusion. “Faculty and staff had been asking for one and there had been some student interest in one,” said Ron Scott, Miami’s vice president for institutional diversity and co-chair of the campus survey work group. “More importantly, when president Crawford came in, he said ‘Let’s find out what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong and what we need to improve.’” The original campus climate survey, commissioned by Miami more than two decades ago, posed 12 questions to students, staff and faculty. The resulting 1996 survey report revealed a campus that struggled with making minority populations feel welcome. “Looking at the results for undergraduates, it’s striking to note almost three quarters (71 percent) have heard insensitive or disparaging comments about gays or lesbians from their...

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ASG returns to session with new budget, money for orgs

Amid the clamor of fists pounding wooden desks, Cole Hankins, Miami Associated Student Government’s speaker of the senate, gavelled in the fall semester’s first session of student senate on Sept. 5. The smell of recent construction lingered in the brand new Joslin Student Senate Chamber as the body welcomed new senators, elected two representatives to the Student Affairs Council and debated its annual budget — which was notable compared to previous years. Absent from the proposed budget are line items for cabinet meals and gifts, marking the first time in recent years the two controversial inclusions have not appeared...

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Miami student Austin Worrell runs for Oxford City Council

It was just after finals last semester when senior Austin Worrell, 21, decided to run for Oxford City Council. “There was a morning I woke up and thought ‘You know what? Let’s go for it,'” he said. A political science major and business legal studies minor, Worrell will be the first student, at least in recent history, to run for Oxford city council. The first inklings of Worrell’s Oxford political ambitions cropped up in conversation with friends during his freshman year, and the idea built up steam during his time at Miami. “I think I really analyzed all the...

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Miami still ranks low for diverse interaction, but shows improvement

  College admissions company The Princeton Review recently ranked Miami University as having one of the lowest levels of interaction between students of different races and economic backgrounds. Miami is listed ninth out of more than 380 national universities on the 2017 ranking for “Little Race/Class Interaction.” On the same list, Miami ranked sixth in 2011 and second in 2009. “Miami is known as a preppy, white school in the Midwest, so for minorities to come here, they are kind of taking on the academics and the rep of Miami,” said senior Quentin McCorvey, the ASG secretary for diversity affairs. “Seeing this stat come out is not surprising, but I know there’s a lot to be done and a lot we are doing already to make the change.” It’s that “rep” that some on campus, like Ronald Scott, associate vice president of institutional diversity, are dead-set on changing. “The good news is we are getting better and we have clearly been working on it,” Scott said. The Bridges Program, Cincinnati Public School pipeline and Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation are all programs aimed to bring minority students to campus, Scott says. The data show these programs do have an impact — Miami’s diversity enrollment has been steadily climbing. This year’s incoming first-year cohort has the largest number of domestic students of color yet — both in percentage and...

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Smierciak dismissed from Miami University, on probation

Former Miami student and varsity football player Zach Smierciak was recently dismissed from the university after pleading guilty to a charge of reckless assault. Smierciak’s conviction sprung from an incident on Nov. 8 of last year when he exited Brick Street while intoxicated and knocked over a ladder that was supporting Robert Null, Miami student and employee of Brick Street Bar. Null crashed headfirst to the ground and required emergency medical transport to McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital before being airlifted to University of Cincinnati Medical Center. A brief moment on the helicopter is the only fragment of the night Null...

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