‘This is Miami’: Administrators met with BAM 2.0 leaders last Friday

Miami University President Gregory Crawford and other top administrators met with student leaders from the Black Action Movement (BAM) 2.0 in a closed-door session Friday morning. Both groups felt that progress was made in addressing several of the deadlined demands put out by BAM 2.0 on Tuesday, April 3. The publication of the demands followed a week of protests organized by the group after a student used a racial slur in a GroupMe message last semester and then boasted about the incident in Tinder exchange this past spring break. The Friday meeting was, itself, one of the ten demands....

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Miami Tribe members talk history, language

Over 125 Miami Tribe members, Oxford leaders, university administrators and other attendees packed the Marcum Center last Friday for the eighth biennial Myaamiaki Conference. Members of the university’s Myaamia Center and other researchers offered up findings on the history, linguistics and childhood development of the Miami Tribe. Myaamia students spoke about their experiences at the university and a few vendors and artists displayed their handicrafts. The Myaamia Center live-streamed the event on its Facebook page, where about 10 to 20 people were watching at any given time. In his opening remarks, Daryl Baldwin, director of the Myaamia Center, commented...

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Racist slur GroupMe controversy resurfaces on Tinder

Since Friday, March 23, a screenshot of Tinder messages between sophomore Thomas Wright and an unknown female circulated among Miami’s social media community. The screenshot shows Wright boasting about an article written in The Student that chronicled the community backlash following his use of a racial slur in a GroupMe message last November. Senior Davaughn Golden came across the Tinder message last Wednesday, March 21, and after two days of sitting and stirring, he decided to take action by tweeting to the Miami community. https://twitter.com/picassocantdraw/status/977199146800242688 “I was disappointed because I genuinely believed he was sorry [after the first incident],” Golden said. “I tried to move on and say, ‘Let’s just move past it,’ but then I got upset because the university says there’s ‘nothing we can do,’ and I don’t believe they’re using all of their resources available.” Golden explained that his response was just one of many posts encouraging the use of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to draw awareness about Wright’s behavior. Many students, especially those from the African-American community, are frustrated with a university and administration that they believe isn’t doing enough to stop this from happening. On Friday, Miami responded by tweeting out from the @MiamiOH_Student account that “people who spread hate do not speak for @MiamiUniversity,” and that, while the university values free speech, they “stand with those who call out intolerance.” “He has expressed...

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Buzzing Around the Kitchen: Honey Fried Chicken

Ingredients Buttermilk, 2 cups Honey, 6 tsp. Flour, 3 cups Baking powder, 1 tsp. Chicken Cayenne Paprika Canola oil To me, fried chicken is the quintessential summer meal. My uncle cooks industrial quantities of the stuff in a 55-gallon oil drum repurposed to support an iron kettle. He checks the temperature of the bubbling oil with a laser thermometer and adjusts the intensity of the single, jet-like burner underneath by tweaking the valve on the propane tank. Two minutes after dropping heaps of seasoned poultry into the makeshift fryer, he is Midwestern July personified, ruddy-faced with an inkblot sweat...

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Student org budgets slashed, funding system to be restructured

Student organizations are frustrated, confused and hurting for cash after Student Affairs and Associated Student Government (ASG) announced sweeping funding cuts last week — the largest in memory. “Definitely stressed, very frustrated, without a doubt,” said Marco Colant, the treasurer of Stage Left, a student theatre group. Stage Left requested $4,250 from ASG’s  March funding cycle — the fifth and final funding opportunity of the academic year. They have been slated to receive only $2,125 — barely enough to cover the baseline $2,000 needed to rent light and sound equipment for their long-planned April production of the musical “First Date.” At the beginning of the year, ASG works with Student Affairs to set a total dollar amount for student organization funding. Individual organizations then petition ASG for funds. The success of this system relies on two assumptions: More requests are filed in the fall semester than in the spring, and requests are usually front-loaded at the beginning of each semester. Over the past few years, Student Affairs has frequently made small cuts when requests fall slightly outside of its expectations. In the past, emergency funding could sometimes be scrounged up, and cuts usually settled between 10 and 20 percent. Student organization leaders have come to expect those small reductions and plan for them in their own budgeting. “They are usually 15 percent, which is fair,” Colant said. “You know,...

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