DZ girls’ punishment indicates double standard

Two weeks ago, two female Miami students were removed from the Delta Zeta (DZ) sorority after a video leaked online in which they were singing along to the song “Freaky Friday” by Lil’ Dicky. In the Snapchat video, the girls sing a line in which the N-word is repeated multiple times by featured artist Chris Brown.

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The left is wrong on NFL protests

Over the past week, a war of words has transpired between President Donald Trump and the National Football League regarding past player protests in which a select few had chosen to kneel during the playing of the national anthem in objection to perceived racial inequality in America. Since Trump’s remarks last week, the issue has been developed into a national controversy. Please note: I use the phrase “been developed”, as opposed to its passive form, “developed,” to draw attention to the fact that there has been an active effort to propagate the issue, unsurprisingly, by proponents of the leftist agenda and their coveted media allies.

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