Author: Elizabeth Hansen

Slice of Life: The clown of Phillips Hall

By Elizabeth Hansen, Assistant Culture Editor Michaela Hensley was walking across the street to Phillips Hall for dance practice when she received the text. “Clowns are at the rec!” She sprinted. The clowns were on the loose, and she wasn’t taking any chances. Clowns terrified her. Once in Phillips, the captains locked the doors. It was Monday, day two of the clown scare, and they needed to prepare for the worst. As she practiced, every sound made her twitch. What if the clowns broke into Phillips? She kept dancing until it was time for a water break. She checked...

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Zines: Tiny papers, big words

By Elizabeth Hansen, Assistant Culture Editor Carly Sentieri, the special collections librarian at the Wertz Art and Architecture library, was sifting through items that had not yet been catalogued when a small booklet caught her eye. Its print was faded from multiple photocopies, but the message was still visible. In her hands she held a list of demands from the students of the New University conference to Miami University. The publication date read 1969. “The society invades and corrupts the university in no way more visibly than by the draft or the threat of the draft and by the...

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Humans of Oxford: Colton Rowell

By Elizabeth Hansen, Assistant Culture Editor When Colton Rowell moved to Hudson, Ohio he wasn’t just in a new place; he had a new identity — Dave Franco. Now, what does Colton, who is a member of Cru, MUSA, MUSF, Pi Sigma Epsilon and Delta Tau Delta, and who is also a campus tour guide, have in common with the actor? They look identical. While studying abroad in Spain this summer, Colton was living in a hostel with four other strangers. Two of his roommates were teenage girls visiting from London. “The first day and a half [the one...

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Tourism brings income to Cuban farmers

This story was previously published in The Miami Herald’s In Cuba Today and can be found at By Elizabeth Hansen, Assistant Culture Editer HAVANA — Fields of fresh oregano, mint and garlic surround plant engineer Norma Romero Castillo as she speaks about the farming methods at Organopónico Vivero Alamar —an urban farm located in the heart of the Havana suburb Alamar. Behind her are bulls, getting prepared to carry a load of recently harvested crops. There is no buzzing of machines or rumbling of tractors — only the sound of the breeze and bulls clumping down the red dirt road. “I’m...

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Humans of Oxford | Comrade of Oxford: Jacob Bryant

By Elizabeth Hansen, Assistant Culture Editor A spectre is haunting Miami University — the spectre of Jacob Bryant. His alarm sounds at 3 a.m. He wakes up and heads to Laws Hall where he works as a janitor. After he clocks out at noon, he heads to class. Jacob Bryant, a sophomore employee and student, is a worker and a Communist. “If I’m going to brand myself with anything, I’m going to brand myself with something I believe is productive and what will at least forward the interest of the working class,” Jacob said. Jacob grew up in Eaton,...

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