HIVoices brings hope and awareness

The show began with a mission statement. “It is the hope of all of us that these stories will help others to see the person behind the disease and move past the worn out, inaccurate stereotypes that block the way of true compassion and understanding.” Spectrum, Miami’s LGBTQ+ student organization, hosted the HIVoices theatre performance last Thursday as part of its Awareness Week. HIVoices presented the stories of six courageous individuals living with HIV. Each story was performed by actors from the Falcon Theatre in Newport, KY, throughout the emotionally captivating show. Event coordinator and Ph.D student Joshua Jones first saw a preview of HIVoices last summer in Cincinnati and immediately found it compelling. “In a lot of HIV/AIDS discourse and conversations — at the political level, at the social level, cultural level — people living with HIV or people living with AIDS very often don’t have a seat at their own table,” Jones said. “There’s a lot of conversation that happens about this community without people from the community kind of contributing to that conversation.” While the performances were dramatized, the stories were real. The monologues were based on hours of transcribed interviews with six individuals from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area who are HIV-positive. The primary purpose of the performance was to raise awareness of the fact that those who are HIV-positive are more than their condition —...

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Literary throwback sparks nostalgia in students

Students gathered in the new wing of Armstrong Thursday to relive a part of their childhood. The conference room boasted tables full of craft materials and beloved 90s-kid book series, while the distinct soundtrack of Smash Mouth and “…Baby One More Time”-era Britney filled the air. The two-hour Late Night Miami event was a collaborative effort between King Library and the Oxford Lane Public Library with the ultimate goal of rekindling the nostalgic flame college students feel for the less complicated times, when “reading for fun” was the only kind of reading they had to do. The event revolved...

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Dog on the job: Oxford’s new K-9 officer

Officer Matt Hardin instructs me to wait in the building while he gets Roscoe out of his police cruiser. It’s easy to spot which one is his because the license plate reads “K-9.” The 90-pound German Shepard bounds out of the car and leaps at the door in excitement, looking happy as can be. Roscoe, whose jet black coat is interrupted only by the light brown of his paws and legs, is still a puppy at heart, despite being an adult dog at 20 months old and having a professional job. Roscoe is Oxford’s new K-9 officer. Like most...

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