The truth behind the perfect couple

He did not hit me. He was not a physically abusive boyfriend. It was his words. It was what I allowed, and what he did not. It was stalking my social media to ensure that I truly went to bed. It was refusing and crying three times when I wanted to break up. It was criticizing my morals if they did not fit with his. It was shaming my choice of friends and who I was texting, but feeling no regret when he deleted messages from female classmates. He did not hit me, but he left so many bruises. Over a year and a half ago, my first relationship ended. He was my best friend, my knight in shining armor. My friends used to assure me, “It was a good relationship. People break up.” But they were wrong, and I never felt more alone. Just as I was blind in the relationship, all the outsiders were too. But I cannot tell you that I was the perfect girlfriend. I wanted more than 24/7. I was high maintenance, moody and developing as a human. Most of all, I was looking for a relationship that did not exist: a perfect one. But he was suffocating. I was buried underground, and by the time I realized what was happening, he had already thrown the last pile of dirt on top. I can tell you the...

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Janus’s unanswered questions

Hannah Meibers, Columnist On April 27, the Janus Forum hosted Heather MacDonald and Governor Martin O’Malley to speak on police brutality and the role of race in the justice system. But it seemed to be MacDonald versus Miami. There were police officers guarding the doors, eyeing the rowdiest of students, and the applauses only sounded when Governor O’Malley spoke. Beyond the stats and stories, I cannot say the question at hand was answered: Can Both Black and Blue Lives Matter? MacDonald’s points were simple. The data is the data, and the policing system is not racist. MacDonald made sure to praise all of us for our kindness, as we did not blockade the door to the facility, as the Claremont College students had done 16 days prior to the talk. After a few words to get the ball rolling, she began discussing the statistics. And to be honest, she did not stop discussing the statistics. When the stage was handed over to Governor O’Malley, he made sure to acknowledge the “far from perfect” country we are living in, and how, in order to improve, we have to “do it together.” In just 10 minutes, Governor O’Malley discussed personal stories from his experience in Baltimore as the governor of Maryland, and the questions he has been asked. On the topic of making improvements in high crime cities that would allow...

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What is opinion: Exploring the path to being wrong

By Hannah Meibers, The Miami Student I have spent a lot of my time this week pondering what opinion piece I should write for the Student. With the stress of the new semester and the always-changing political atmosphere, I knew spitting out my opinion on these topics would be a dud. Then I began thinking: What is an opinion? We all have our opinions, and naturally we all believe our opinions are the only right ones. The media is saturated with varying opinions, whether they are about something out of our control, or something more personal. Finding someone without an opinion is very rare. All we have to ask is, “What do you think?” But how many people do we know that can say without stuttering, “I think ____, but I could be wrong”? That is, how many of us concede that we might be flawed in our thinking? With that in mind, how can a more intelligent and thoughtful opinion be formed? Maturity is key. Developing a more mature perspective allows us to gain an organic view on the situation. If we cannot approach someone with an opinion in an inside voice, it’s best to keep our mouths shut. When we are younger, it is understandable as to why we have filtered opinions. We have grown up listening to our parents, our friends, etc. give their opinions, so...

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