Shows you need to start watching (so they can get renewed for another season)

One of the few drawbacks of living during peak TV is facing the harsh reality that with so many great shows, many will also be cancelled. With that spirit in mind, here is my impassioned plea for you to watch five shows so they don’t meet that fate. Hopefully, you watch them because I convince you that they’re all wonderful comedies which deserve loyal and enthusiastic fandoms. Then, once viewership spikes due to the massive popularity of this list, I will get to see another season of many of my favorite shows: “Brooklyn Nine Nine” What, you think you’re better than a bunch of teenage Olympians? This lovable cop comedy from the creators of “Parks and Rec” centers around Brooklyn’s 99th precinct and the detectives who work there. Spoiler alert: shenanigans ensue! Featuring countless hilarious actors such as Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher and Chelsea Peretti,“Brooklyn Nine Nine” is the rare network comedy that is smart, funny without resorting to stereotypes about women and minorities, and endlessly quotable. Its chances of being renewed for a sixth season aren’t great, but maybe with your help, we’ll get to see Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago’s honeymoon. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” This show is perfect for any woman who’s ever thought that media sends us mixed signals about femininity, gender roles, love, romance and self-confidence. Have you ever had that thought? Oh, only every day...

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Films to prepare you for studying abroad

Often, we look to movies and television to see our own experiences reflected back to us in a way that feels poignant and accurate. The seven films outlined below contain a multitude of perspectives that can help prepare you for the emotional roller coaster that is studying abroad. If you find yourself purchasing a dilapidated Italian villa, or becoming involved with a tortured artist who is also involved with your best friend and his ex-wife, or being controlled by a rat that has hidden himself in your chef hat, these stories can shine a light on your truth. “Taken”...

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Tips for studying abroad

While most Americans are preparing for another semester of illegal underage drinking, rigorous class schedules and close attention to punctuality, some of us are setting sail toward exotic locations. We may gain gelato weight and may even be pickpocketed within the first month (tag yourself, I’m the person being pickpocketed), it’s worth it for the Instagram likes.  Here’s some advice that I wish I had given myself before I left the country for a whole semester. Yes, various sources told me similar things, but no one as funny or low-key as me did, and I am willing to be...

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‘Stranger Things 2:’ the cast has new hair now!

Looking for nine hours of television to get you in the spooky spirit? Fear not, “Stranger Things” is back with bigger hair for Steve, teeth for Dustin and traumatic flashbacks followed by slug vomiting for Will Byers! It’s been over a year since we last binge-watched the “E.T.”/”IT” mashup known as “Stranger Things.” Hopper grew a beard and Eleven has curly shoulder-length hair now, so we know time has passed. Season two begins a year after Will Byers was first kidnapped, and focuses on how Will and his family are adjusting to life after the trauma inflicted by last...

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‘30 Rock’ on Netflix Obituary

If I could push a button and five people in the world would die, but “30 Rock” stayed on Netflix forever, I’d do it. Yes, the rumors are true. My beloved “30 Rock” is set to depart Netflix on Oct. 1. The decision leaves many a Liz-Lemon-in-training to ask, “WWJD?” or “What Would Jack Do?” The whip-smart comedy earned 103 Emmy nominations during its seven years on air and won 11, including Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. Each episode averages 7.44 jokes...

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