Internet outage across campus

By Grace Moody, News Editor Miami’s Oxford campus experienced an Internet outage Wednesday, interfering with academic classes and causing some teachers to cancel class altogether. The initial outage, which began around 7:20 a.m., was related to the construction of U.S. Hwy. 27, according to a university press release. Construction crews were cutting a section of the sidewalk on Patterson Avenue, just outside Tappan Hall, and pierced a cable conduit beneath the sidewalk. While removing the 6-foot square section of sidewalk, the equipment cut through and also removed a 6-foot section from the 48 cables in the conduit. This included...

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Miami reacts to unexpected death of professor

By Grace Moody, News Editor Mathematics professor Beatriz S. D’Ambrosio, 55, died from a brain aneurysm Monday, her colleagues told The Miami Student. D’Ambrosio died at the University of Cincinnati hospital. She passed out on Sunday and was put on life support until her family arrived. Her two daughters — Rafaela, a Miami class of 2014 alumna, and Gabriela, a freshman at the University of Texas in Austin — were able to say their goodbyes to their mother on Monday. Known by her friends as Bia, D’Ambrosio came to Miami University in the fall of 2005 after teaching at...

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MU kicks off sixth year of tutoring, mentoring high school students

Tucked back in Western campus, in a Boyd Hall classroom, is an alternative learning opportunity for Talawanda High School and Butler Technology students. The program hosts students wishing to receive additional help with their schoolwork and develop relationships with Miami students. The program, Miami Connections, is named in the Presidential Service Award presented to Miami University and will officially begin its sixth year Sept. 8. Miami Connections is open to all Talawanda High School and Butler Technology freshmen and sophomores. Students enrolled in the program will be paired with a Miami student who will serve as either a tutor...

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Miami responds to campus waste

By Grace Moody, News Editor Studies show Miami University students are not effectively using the recycling bins placed throughout campus, and the long-term consequences could be devastating. On April 6, the department of sustainability performed a test to properly analyze the amount of trash and recycling managed at Miami. Yvette Kline, the director of sustainability and energy conservation, led the test to measure the amount of trash compared to recyclables on campus. Rumpke, the company that holds Miami’s waste management contracts, weighs one week’s worth of campus trash and recycling during July, November, February and April. Kline used the...

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Dance Theatre performance honors alumna six months after her death

Miami Dance Theatre Company performs As We Are in 2007, and again on Saturday and Sunday. Hannah Copeland Neal, a 2009 alumna who passed away last year, is pictured on the left as a performer. She choreographed the dance her sophomore year at Miami. By Grace Moody, News Editor The Miami Dance Theatre Company performed a dance dedicated to Hannah Copeland Neal, a Miami alumna (’09) who died of melanoma in the fall, during its annual spring concert on Saturday and Sunday. After battling cancer for over two years, Neal passed away in October. According to Lana Kay Rosenberg,...

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