The vague and threatening world of “Gathering Blue” is established almost immediately when a swarm of angry women try to throw an orphan girl into the “bone fields” to be devoured by beasts, an unanticipated beginning for a story that’s ultimate message is one of hope. The Department of Theatre’s “Occupy Empathy” season continued with “Gathering Blue,” a play by Eric Coble adapted from the book of the same title written by Lois Lowry. Some readers may be familiar with Lowry’s “The Giver,” a staple of many middle school English curricula. “Gathering Blue” is a companion story to that more well-known novel. The play centers on Kira, a girl with a twisted leg and a talent for weaving who has recently been orphaned and left to face a dystopian world in which those who cannot work are left to die. It is a solid choice for the Miami’s “Occupy Empathy” theatre season, challenging its audience to reflect on themes such as disability in society, the individual against a community and the power of art in selectively recording and shaping a civilization’s history. These ideas are important, and while the show introduced them aptly, the overall style of “Gathering Blue” was a little too on the nose, suggesting that the story is better suited to its original audience of middle school students than to a college theatre production. Despite that...

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Prost! Miami German Club celebrates Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest celebrations have been going on for over 200 years and Miami’s German Club was eager to add to that tradition last Thursday evening. Traditionally, Oktoberfest is a two-week long folk festival held from late September to early October. It began as a wedding celebration for Crown Prince Ludwig I of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen that featured horse races, wine and beer tastings and children’s performances. Today Oktoberfest has expanded dramatically to become the largest festival in the world that, in addition to its many restaurant and brewery tents, features costume and rifle parades, amusement rides and...

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‘The Flick’ refreshingly explores empathy

The opening of “The Flick” appropriately mimicked the beginning of a movie. A single lamp flickered on and illuminated the back wall of Studio 88 with different colors simulating a projection. Brassy opening music swelled to a crescendo and the audience settled in for a unique slice-of-life story. “The Flick,” written by Annie Baker, is a bold choice for a production, and an even bolder choice to open the Department of Theatre’s season. It tells the story of Sam, Rose and Avery, three employees of a neglected, old New England movie theater called The Flick. Sam is in his...

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Alt-country trio The Bundys return to Miami for Homecoming performance

Uptown Park bustled with students, alumni and Oxford families as the Homecoming Huddle began. This new evolution of the traditional Homecoming Parade appeared to be a success among Miami fans. The Homecoming court took the stage first, sharing favorite Miami memories and advice for freshmen. Many thanked the city of Oxford for partnering seamlessly with the university for not only this event, but many others they had enjoyed during their time at Miami. The Bundys would be taking the stage next. The scene Uptown was like something out of an admissions brochure. Groups of students sat on the lawn...

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