Emily Williams

Spooky Spaghetti

My best pasta combinations always start the same way: I’m in dire need of a grocery run. That’s what happened when I opened my fridge and found half a package of bacon and a parsnip. But about 20 minutes later, twirling up a forkful of noodles, I discovered the serendipitous perfection of the mildly sweet parsnip, mixed with salty, savory bacon and an almost unreasonable amount of grated parmesan. In order to make the dish sufficiently spooky, you’ll have to pick up some special spaghetti noodles. If you’re feeling extra sophisticated, opt for squid ink pasta. Unfortunately, these black,...

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Zombie Cheeseball

Ingredients Cream cheese Sharp white cheddar Goat cheese Black pepper Sweet chili pepper preserves When you’re hosting a Halloween dinner party, aesthetics matter. This appetizer fits the theme without being goofy, and will pair well with pretty much any cracker, pretzel or dippable vegetable. In a bowl, mix one block of cream cheese, two cups of shredded sharp white cheddar and two logs of goat cheese. Sprinkle with black pepper and stir. On a serving platter, form the cheese mixture into a ball — or, if you’re feeling ambitious, a spooky shape — and spoon sweet chili pepper preserves...

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Miami alumni discuss ‘Race in America’ in Cincinnati Freedom Center

Students, faculty and Miami alumni packed the auditorium of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in downtown Cincinnati, eagerly awaiting a discussion on “Race in America.” The voices of everyone assembled died down as the department of media, journalism and film (MJF)’s senior lecturer and area coordinator, Patricia Newberry, introduced the event’s speakers and former Miami alumni: Wil Haygood ‘76, author of “The Butler: A Witness to History” and Boadway Distinguished Scholar in Residence in MJF and CBS correspondent and author, Jeff Pegues ‘92. The event launched a new series, Spirit of ’64: Miami University and the Enduring Legacy of Freedom Summer. The series will explore the lasting effects of Freedom Summer, when about 800 volunteers converged at the Western College for Women — now Miami’s Western Campus — before traveling south to register black voters. Miami President Greg Crawford welcomed the attendees who filled the 300-seat Harriet Tubman Theater. It’s “not enough,” Crawford said, to have discussions about race at Miami. Those conversations need to move beyond campus limits. Both Haygood and Pegues’ experiences in journalism affected their views on race relations in the United States. In his time writing for both The Boston Globe and The Washington Post, race has been integral in much of Haygood’s reporting, from writing about the South African apartheid to following Barack Obama on the campaign trail. Haygood’s biographies, including his most...

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Roasted Butternut Squash with ghostly Asparagus

Ingredients – “Please, don’t measure; it ruins the fun.” Butternut squash, peeled and cubed Olive oil Brown sugar Cinnamon Cayenne pepper Parsley Salt & pepper If you only serve up one vegetable in October, it better be butternut squash. If you’ve never prepared it before, get ready for a challenge. The tough skin is difficult to peel, and the process of slicing the squash and scooping out its seeds is time consuming. But there’s a reason why you put in the time. Once you’ve wrestled with your squash, pour the cubed vegetables into a large baking pan and drizzle with...

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Last year, highest number of sexual assaults reported at Miami

Last year, 25 people reported being sexually assaulted at Miami University — the most to come forward since the university started releasing data on sexual assault in 2001. That figure is more than double the number of reports from 2015. However, those figures don’t represent the number of assaults which actually occurred in 2016. Reporting numbers are classified by the year in which an assault was reported, not when it happened. Of last year’s 25 reports, 11 incidents happened in 2016, and six occurred in 2015. The remaining assaults happened in previous years, with one report going as far...

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