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Student service collaborative donates to inner-city school

By Emily Williams, News Editor Junior Glenn Trepeta was brainstorming fundraising ideas for the Multicultural Business Association when he had an idea — what kind of difference could student organizations make if they combined their philanthropic efforts? From that idea, Trepeta founded Collab-Donation this past fall, a fundraising organization composed of preexisting student groups. “I realized our donation capacity as one organization could be maximized,” Trepeta said. Collab-Donation is made up of representatives from participating student organizations, who serve as communication points with the larger group. Each semester’s proceeds benefit a different organization that the Collab-Donation members choose together....

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An apology from The Student’s news editor

TO THE EDITOR: When I first read the article “Friends Memorialize Tim Fresch,” in Tuesday’s issue, I was left with only one image of Fresch. Even though I never met him, I know that Tim Fresch was much more, and I cannot imagine what it must have been like for his friends and family to read the story. That’s why I believe an apology must be made for the publication of this article. Publications such as ours have many responsibilities. Should we look deeper at the issues of substance abuse at our university? Absolutely. Should we do so in...

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Becoming lenipinsia: Myaamia student reflects on experience

This semester, Ian Young enrolled in IDS 259, “Introduction to the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma,” a course that offers an overview of the people and culture that are the university’s namesake and, since the 1970s, have shared close ties with the school. For the first two weeks, Ian sat quietly in class, listening to discussions about the history of the tribe and the class’s opinions on Native American stereotypes. After those two weeks were up, the professor, Alysia Fischer, called on Ian to introduce himself. “aya aya ceeki. lenipinsia weenswiaani neehi niila myaamia,” he said. “Hi, everyone. My name...

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Stomp Dance and Myaamiaki conference celebrate Miami Tribe traditions

By Emily Williams, News Editor Late Friday night, a dozen Shawnee Tribe members arrived in Oxford after traveling over 600 miles from Miami, Oklahoma to lead students, faculty, Miami tribe members and other community members at Miami University in a traditional Stomp Dance. The event, held on Saturday, April 2 in the Armstrong Pavilion, was a collaboration between Late Night Miami, Miami Tribe Relations, the Myaamia Center, the Office of Residence Life (ORL) and the Center for American and World Cultures. The Stomp Dance was planned in conjunction with the seventh biennial Myaamiaki Conference, an educational event that celebrates...

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Miami professor elected mayor of Oxford

By Emily Williams, Assistant News Editor Miami professor Kate Rousmaniere has been elected as Oxford’s new mayor. Rousmaniere, who received the position in a unanimous vote at the Dec. 1 City Council meeting, will be serving alongside councilmember Mike Smith, Oxford’s newly-elected vice mayor. Smith is an interior designer with Miami’s Planning, Architecture and Engineering Department. Former mayor Kevin McKeehan will continue to serve on the City Council. After she and Smith were sworn in, Rousmaniere took a moment to thank McKeehan before leading her first council meeting. “I don’t want to do anything without thanking the former mayor...

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