Emily Williams

Trump’s Inauguration: GRN student reports from Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON – Welcome to The Swamp. In a town normally filled with career politicians, lobbyists and other governmental elites, the demographics on Jan. 20 were different. Because on this day, the most prominent right-wing outsider in U.S. politics, then-President-elect Donald Trump, brought in a crowds of supporters and protesters as he was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. I was fortunate enough to get a up-close seat.

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Crawford issues statement about student death

Miami University President Gregory Crawford emailed the Miami community Thursday morning expressing his devastation with the death of first-year Erica Buschick and suggesting that high-risk alcohol consumption was to blame.

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Daryl Baldwin to speak at graduation

Daryl Baldwin, director of Miami University’s Myaamia Center and 2016 MacArthur fellow, will give the commencement address for Miami’s 2017 graduating class. Baldwin was chosen by a committee of students, faculty and staff members from Miami’s Oxford and regional campuses.

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