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Miami University to Miami, Oklahoma

Crawfords participate in Miami Tribe’s annual Winter Gathering On Friday morning, Miami University’s president and ambassador, Greg and Renate Crawford, boarded the university’s plane, bound for another Miami — Miami, Okla. (pronounced my-am-uh), a small town of about 14,000 residents along the historic Route 66 and the national headquarters of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma. This weekend marked the Crawford’s first visit to the tribe’s headquarters. About 50 Miami students, faculty and staff members also made the trip southwest to join the tribe for their annual Winter Gathering and Stomp Dance. For over 40 years, Miami University and the...

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Students and faculty show ‘fierce love’ for Miami with fliers

“We LOVE you and we HONOR you, and we defend your right to be here. In our difference is our strength.” “No matter where you are from, we’re glad you’re our neighbor.” “Students of color, students of any gender, international students, first generation students, gay, lesbian and queer students, survivors of sexual assault, students of any religion, students with disabilities, undocumented students, you are welcome here. You are an invaluable part of the Miami community. I make a commitment to building an inclusive, supportive space where you can thrive.” These were just some of the messages shared at the...

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White nationalist fliers posted at MU

By Emily Williams, Managing Editor Fliers with anti-immigrant and white supremacist messages were found posted in academic buildings on Miami’s campus on Monday. The logo of Miami University’s College Republicans was printed on the bottom right corner of the fliers. The student organization issued a statement Monday that the MU College Republicans are not affiliated with the fliers, nor did the organization give anyone permission to use their logo. “We unify with our classmates on the other side of the aisle, and raise our voices to make this declaration perfectly clear: the views presented on these fliers have absolutely no...

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Faculty reflect on Fidel’s death

By Emily Williams, Managing Editor On Sunday, Dec. 4, the remains of Fidel Castro were placed into a crevice in a large, boulder-like crypt. The structure was unadorned except for a single sign — a metal plate that reads, “FIDEL.” The final resting place of Castro, who stood at the helm of the first communist state in the Western hemisphere for almost 50 years, is in Santiago de Cuba, the same city where the Cuban Revolution began in 1959. His crypt sits in the shadow of an 85-foot mausoleum dedicated to the “Prophet of the Cuban Revolution,” poet, journalist...

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As Yiannopoulos speaks, Miami community organizes

Miami alum talks the politics of white supremacy By Emily Williams, Managing Editor  On Monday, Dec. 5, students and faculty will gather to create a safe space for all identities, defend Miami as a welcoming community and educate themselves on strategies to navigate today’s politics. The Shade Family Room stage in the Armstrong Student Center will be decorated with human-size flowers, contributed by a variety of student organizations, as a display of solidarity and support. At the same time, Milo Yiannopoulos, a senior editor for Brietbart News, will be speaking in the Harry T. Wilks Theater, just steps away...

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