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Faculty reflect on Fidel’s death

By Emily Williams, Managing Editor On Sunday, Dec. 4, the remains of Fidel Castro were placed into a crevice in a large, boulder-like crypt. The structure was unadorned except for a single sign — a metal plate that reads, “FIDEL.” The final resting place of Castro, who stood at the helm of the first communist state in the Western hemisphere for almost 50 years, is in Santiago de Cuba, the same city where the Cuban Revolution began in 1959. His crypt sits in the shadow of an 85-foot mausoleum dedicated to the “Prophet of the Cuban Revolution,” poet, journalist...

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As Yiannopoulos speaks, Miami community organizes

Miami alum talks the politics of white supremacy By Emily Williams, Managing Editor  On Monday, Dec. 5, students and faculty will gather to create a safe space for all identities, defend Miami as a welcoming community and educate themselves on strategies to navigate today’s politics. The Shade Family Room stage in the Armstrong Student Center will be decorated with human-size flowers, contributed by a variety of student organizations, as a display of solidarity and support. At the same time, Milo Yiannopoulos, a senior editor for Brietbart News, will be speaking in the Harry T. Wilks Theater, just steps away...

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Miami police arrest Tallawanda Hall thief

By Emily Williams, Managing Editor Miami University Police (MUPD) arrested a suspect Wednesday night in connection to burglaries reported at Tallawanda Hall. Several students who live in the residence hall, which is part of the Heritage Commons complex, reported to MUPD that, between 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 22 and noon on Sunday, Nov. 27, an unknown person had stolen cash and valuables from their rooms. After conducting an investigation, MUPD obtained a search warrant and searched the suspect’s property Wednesday evening. The suspect was arrested and taken to the Butler County jail that night. MUPD filed charges against...

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MU students support Black Lives Matter, Stop Trump protests

By Emily Williams, Managing Editor “Show me what democracy looks like!” “This is what democracy looks like!” On Saturday afternoon, Miami University students joined about 1,000 protesters gathered in Cincinnati for two different causes — a call for justice for Sam DuBose and opposition to the rhetoric of president-elect Donald Trump. Over the course of the afternoon, the protests merged to mixed results. Anna Lucia Feldmann, a senior social justice major, is participating in Miami’s Over-the-Rhine residency program this semester. For the internship component of the program, Feldmann has been working at the Contact Center in Over-the-Rhine, an organization...

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Down-ballot races show progress for women of color

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton’s supporters gathered at the Javits Center in Manhattan. The crowd convened under the building’s glass ceiling in the hopes that the setting would be a symbolic backdrop for the first female president of the United States to give her acceptance speech. But that didn’t happen. Instead, after hours of waiting, watching Trump’s electoral vote count climb dangerously closer to 270, campaign chairman John Podesta told them to go home. I understand why many Americans have identified with the #NotMyPresident hashtag (which, as I’m writing right now is the top trending hashtag on Twitter), but the...

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