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Miami takes steps toward diversity

EducationCounsel recommendations considered  By Emily Williams, Managing Editor Miami University is making steps to implement recommendations from EducationCounsel, an education consulting firm that visited Miami’s campus last April. The firm interviewed about 200 students, faculty, administrators, athletic coaches and staff about their experiences related to diversity and inclusion at the university and asked them for ideas on how Miami could improve. Based on those interviews, as well as additional research about Miami’s population and practices, EducationCounsel provided the university with a document of their findings and recommended actions. The report was also informed by Miami’s 2020 Plan and the...

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‘The Accused’: Investigating an unsolved Oxford Murder

By Emily Williams, Managing Editor On Dec. 28, 1978, 23-year-old Elizabeth Andes was found dead in her apartment in Oxford, Ohio — only days after her graduation from Miami University. “In some ways, I feel like a stalker,” journalist Amber Hunt says in the first episode of “The Accused,” a new podcast from the Cincinnati Enquirer. She goes on to describe how intimately familiar she’s become with Andes, a woman whom she’s never met and whose unsolved murder has consumed Hunt’s life for the past year. The police quickly zeroed in on Bob Young, Andes’s boyfriend, then 22, who...

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Normalizing relations brings Cuban coffee to U.S.

This story was previously published in The Miami Herald’s In Cuba Today and can be found at www.incubatoday.com By Emily Williams, Managing Editor In another step toward rebuilding diplomatic relations with Cuba, coffee grown on independently owned farms can now be exported to the United States. Nespresso, a Swiss coffee company owned by Nestle Group, announced last month that they will be selling Cuban coffee in the United States. The product, Cafecito de Cuba, is currently being sold as a limited edition product. On April 22, the U.S. State Department added coffee to a list of products entrepreneurs within the Republic of...

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Student service collaborative donates to inner-city school

By Emily Williams, News Editor Junior Glenn Trepeta was brainstorming fundraising ideas for the Multicultural Business Association when he had an idea — what kind of difference could student organizations make if they combined their philanthropic efforts? From that idea, Trepeta founded Collab-Donation this past fall, a fundraising organization composed of preexisting student groups. “I realized our donation capacity as one organization could be maximized,” Trepeta said. Collab-Donation is made up of representatives from participating student organizations, who serve as communication points with the larger group. Each semester’s proceeds benefit a different organization that the Collab-Donation members choose together....

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An apology from The Student’s news editor

TO THE EDITOR: When I first read the article “Friends Memorialize Tim Fresch,” in Tuesday’s issue, I was left with only one image of Fresch. Even though I never met him, I know that Tim Fresch was much more, and I cannot imagine what it must have been like for his friends and family to read the story. That’s why I believe an apology must be made for the publication of this article. Publications such as ours have many responsibilities. Should we look deeper at the issues of substance abuse at our university? Absolutely. Should we do so in...

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