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Haygood’s new book to premiere at Miami Convocation

Miami’s Class of 2022 will be the first to read alumn Wil Haygood’s new book, “TIGERLAND: The Miracle on East Broad Street,” as part of an exclusive debut. The incoming class will receive advance copies of “TIGERLAND,” which follows two teams at the all-black East High School in Haygood’s native Columbus, OH. During the racially turbulent 1968-69 school year, the teams beat bigger, richer and whiter teams to become unexpected state champions in basketball and baseball. “It is a book about history and race and politics,” Haygood said. “Most wonderfully, it is a book about triumph during a very...

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Experiencing ‘Dead Season’ in Northern Michigan

If you look up Good Old Books online, you’ll find that the Leland, Michigan, used and rare bookstore is only open from mid-May to mid-October. But if, on a cold winter afternoon, you walk up to a gray-blue, bi-level home with an “OLD, RARE BOOKS” sign posted in the yard, you’ll find a note signed by George and Mary Ball. “We live here,” the handwritten note will say. The rest of the message will provide you with a phone number and an invitation: Call and, if someone is home, the books are yours to browse. There might not be...

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Miami journalism students win 13 awards in SPJ Mark of Excellence Competition

PITTSBURGH — Miami University journalism students picked up six “first-place wins” and seven “finalist” awards in the annual Mark of Excellence collegiate journalism competition today. That compares well to 2017 when Miamians likewise collected six wins and seven finalist awards. A total of 108 students were recognized in this year’s competition, hosted by Region 4 of the Society of Professional Journalists. Miamians submitted 54 of the total 398 entries in the competition. Students selected as first-place winners and their entries included: Audrey Davis, features, for “FSB Prof Wants to Be Everything,” published in The Miami Student. Laura Fitzgerald, online news...

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Honey-Roasted Rainbow Medley

Root vegetables, glazed and seasoned Ingredients Parsnips, 2 medium Carrots, rainbow medley Sweet potatoes, 2 medium Walnuts, 2 handfuls Olive oil Salt & pepper Honey Fresh thyme, 4-5 sprigs The parsnip — a paler, sweeter cousin to the carrot — is possibly the most underrated vegetable. They’re almost always an asset to anything you’re making, both in flavor and nutritional value. Need more soluble fiber in your diet? Eat a parsnip. Want a healthier heart? Reach for the parsnips. Trying to lose weight? Parsnip. If you’re unfamiliar with the ways of the parsnip, this side is a good place...

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Buttermilk biscuits topped with honeyed butter

There are few things easier than topping a biscuit. It’s almost impossible to get it wrong: a drizzle of honey, a smear of preserves, a runny egg, a dollop of spicy mayo. Baking the biscuits themselves, though, is a challenge. Their texture, like pie crust, can be fickle and heavily dependent on accurately measuring ingredients. My first attempt at crafting my own proportions was too heavy on the flour — and then, to compensate, too heavy on the everything — and formed what looked like flaky buttermilk biscuits and smelled like flaky buttermilk biscuits but were really bland, dense,...

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