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Three arrested for Oxford rape case

Three men are facing over 7o charges for the rape of a female in February. The men were arrested Friday and are being held at the Butler County Jail. The assault occurred off-campus in Oxford on Feb. 11. The victim, who was visiting Oxford, reported the assault the next day. A heavily redacted incident report, obtained by the Miami Student on Feb. 12, offered a very brief narrative of the assault: “A female individual reported from the hospital that she was sexually assaulted by three males in a local apartment,” the report said. A search warrant had been executed...

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Arraignment held for ‘brutal’ Oxford rape case

WARNING: This article contains disturbing content involving sexual violence. Three men arrested on charges of rape, sexual battery and kidnapping for the February assault of a 19-year-old female in Oxford were arraigned today. Rodney Adrian Louis Gibson II, 21, Roger Richard Michael Simpson, 23, and Elijah Lee Mincy, 21, face a combined 72 charges. They are currently being held at the Butler County Jail. Their bonds were set at Monday’s 1 p.m. hearing, said Butler County prosecutor Michael Gmoser — Gibson’s and Mincy’s at $250,000 and Simpson’s at $300,000. A statement released Monday by Oxford police reveals details about...

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‘Making a Murderer’ creators come to Miami

Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos can pinpoint the moment that inspired their Netflix docuseries “Making a Murderer.” It was 2005. They were film students at Columbia University, on a train and a New York Times headline caught their attention: “Freed by DNA, Now Charged in New Crime.” Two photos accompanied the headline, both depicting its subject Steven Avery. One featured a freshly exonerated Avery in 2003, after he’d served 18 years for a crime he hadn’t committed. The second presented Avery two years later, now accused of murder. “We thought Steven Avery really was this ideal window into the system,”...

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In search of a ‘wow’ moment: Everyday magic in Amsterdam square

I’d been in Europe for two weeks, and I still hadn’t had that wow moment. The moment that’s supposed to jump out at you and say, “Hey! You’re in another country! Isn’t this amazing?!” I’d been all over Luxembourg. I’d seen castles and mountains and loved every minute of it all, but I was still searching for that one moment. Maybe my expectations were too high. I’d been to Europe two years ago and had glorified the memories in my head to the point of perfection. Or maybe I was so comfortable in Luxembourg that it just felt like...

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Rome: Dirty, dreamy and just like the movies

Rome has two sides. There is the romantic, old-world vision as presented by the 1953 classic “Roman Holiday”— the air permeated by the sticky sweet scent of gelato, sweeping monuments that have stood for thousands of years at every street corner, accordion-wielding musicians belting “That’s Amore” outside all of its cafés. But Rome is also the largest city in Italy. It is 12 times larger than Florence. It is dirty and crowded, and aggressive vendors brandishing cheap selfie sticks and rain ponchos are as ubiquitous as impenetrable crowds of tourists. There are degrees of truth in both of these...

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