Raising awareness with color: Fourth annual Glow Run 5K

After weeks of summer weather, fall finally unveiled itself by way of orange, red and yellow leaves scattered across the sidewalk and a quick temperature drop. The autumn weather created the perfect backdrop for the annual Glow Run 5K hosted by Active Minds Inc. and Phi Chi Theta, which took place on Wednesday, Oct. 11, in Uptown Park. The Glow Run is an annual philanthropic race featuring runners with neon clothes and glow sticks that raises awareness for mental health issues; nearly one hundred people participated this year. Active Minds is a nonprofit group that focuses on increasing mental...

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Swing Syndicate: ‘Back in the Swing of Things’

Students began to file out of last classes and dining halls, ready to head home. A lively event on Armstrong Terrace captured the attention of passersby. Old tunes, like “Sh-Boom,” drifted over the lit terrace as pairs of students performed a variety of dances. Swing Syndicate, one of Miami’s student dance organizations and the oldest of its kind, hosted the first of their monthly events entitled “Back in the Swing of Things” Tuesday evening. It was a chance for the experienced and inexperienced alike to share a few hours together through dances such as the Charleston, the Lindy Hop and the East Coast. “We try to recruit people through performances on campus,” said club president, senior Rebecca Raig. “New people should come because it’s a great stress reliever, a way to learn a new skill and a great way to meet new people.” Though some may have hesitations about learning a new skill, the club members clarify that experience isn’t necessary. There’s an opportunity to learn fundamentals including triple steps, swing outs and inside and outside turns, while later on, personal twists are added. “I have two left feet, but they’re two good feet, so I manage,” said sophomore Ben Brush. “At first, it was very intimidating to dance with the people who are really good, but they’re very approachable.” Students with majors ranging from music to engineering were...

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Slice of Life: Armstrong atmosphere

In typical Ohio weather fashion, the sky seems to be struggling to choose a mood. Raindrops indecisively drop from the clouds, dotting the stairs that lead to Armstrong, while the glowing rays of the sun make me regret my choice to don a sweatshirt. As I push open the door, the quintessential college scene meets my eyes. Nearly half of the couches and chairs are occupied, backpacks and books opened, yet the mood of the room remains casual. Students and teachers walk past me, some heading straight to the dining area where Miami Ice has opened for the day,...

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