Curling Club offers glimpse into Olympic sport

Video: Emily Brustoski Set to upbeat, synthetic country music left on from the preceding open skate, the Miami Curling Club hosted a “learn to curl” event at Goggin last Friday night. Just in time to capitalize on the spectacle of the Winter Olympics, the event served to offer interested Miamians a chance to experiment with the unusual sport. A myriad of people walked warily out onto the ice as a professional from the Cincinnati Curling Club showed them how to send the curling stones spinning down the rink and informed them of the best techniques for avoiding wiping out...

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Swing Syndicate hosts jazzy dance exchange

Set to the silky tunes of the Solomon Douglas Quartet and the upbeat tapping of numerous pairs of feet, Miami Swing Syndicate’s MUDE Swings: Lucky 7s dance took place this past Friday and Saturday in the Heritage room of the Shriver Center. The dance — called Lucky 7s because it was the seventh dance of its kind put on by the club — was the biggest event of the year for the Syndicate and saw dancers from various locales, like Indianapolis, Dayton and Columbus converge at Miami. “It’s great because it brings people in from all the different dance...

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Learning to navigate life at the Adulting Fair

  Last Tuesday, located in the east wing of Armstrong, the Off-Campus Housing Fair hosted numerous organizations that provide living spaces for students seeking to live away from Miami’s campus after their sophomore year. Packed with slick presentations and colorful giveaway goodies, the booths attracted passing students like moths to a flame. However, the “Adulting Fair,” the part of the event designed to educate students about the various hazards and struggles involved with living on their own, was nowhere to be found among the flashy displays and decorated trifolds. Instead, visible only thanks to a single sign with an arrow on it, the adulting part of the fair was tucked back away from the main thoroughfare of Armstrong. At the very back of the building, in the area with copious conference rooms, the booths sat in all their modest glory. While certainly not as dazzling or flashy as the presentations of the off-campus housing organizations, the booths for the adulting fair had their fair share of valuable information. What they lacked in colorful poster board and snazzy logos, they made up for in tips and tricks designed to help those considering striking out on their own to better navigate the difficulties of adult life. From 101 ways to use vinegar around the home, to electrical safety checklists and guides to help students budget, the booths that comprised the adulting...

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Survival Guide to Oxford in Winter

With its warm, clear nights, verdant foliage and musical wildlife, summer is nearly always a wonderful time to be in Oxford. The weather allows for comfortable outdoor exploration, and the magic that is air conditioning provides relief whenever the sun gets to be too hot. Truly, summer is a season for exploration, activity and enjoyment. But once the calendar rolls around to winter and the days begin to shorten, that summer sun can feel hopelessly far away. Biting cold and persistent snow often make traveling outdoors a daunting prospect. The number of backyard parties dwindles, and the lush and...

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Global Neighbors brings people together for Thanksgiving Dinner

The smell of gravy and freshly sliced turkey wafted warmly through the Armstrong pavilion last Thursday. People from dozens of different countries sat down to enjoy a hearty Thanksgiving dinner. All around the room, trays of Thanksgiving food had been set out — mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, apple pie and more — though they all failed to catch people’s eyes as well as the giant turkey that was proudly displayed on a table all its own. The event, the seventh annual Global Neighbors Thanksgiving Dinner, had brought roughly 300 people to Armstrong’s ballroom, and the environment was bustling with friendly conversation and delicious food. The dinner was hosted by Miami’s International Student and Scholar Services, with the goal to provide international students with a chance to experience a traditional American Thanksgiving, and to allow them to form deeper connections with the local community. Coming to the event for her third time, Oxford resident Nicki Russell said that she thinks the event is a wonderful chance to bring all sorts of people together. “I love coming out and seeing all the different kinds of people just having a good time together,” she said. People were certainly having a good time. As a live guitarist strummed tunes such as “Old Time Religion” and “Brown Eyed Girl,” people mingled eagerly. At every table, a sheet of name tags was set out...

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