Faculty to discuss religious beliefs in week-long event

They both stand in front of an amassed congregation, trying their best to impart what they believe to be vital information into the minds of people whose levels of interest in what they’re saying vary greatly. There seems to be more than a few similarities between preachers and professors.

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Shinnenkai Festival Takes Students on a Tour of Japan

Decked in paper ribbons and filled with people in ornate robes of pink and gold, the Shriver Center Heritage Room was unrecognizably festive last Saturday. It played host to a celebration called Shinnenkai, which roughly translates to New Year’s Party. The event was a collaboration by Miami’s’ Japanese Culture and Language Club, Taiko Drumming Club and Anime Club.

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traveling the world through tea

People began to gather in the atrium of Armstrong around 6 p.m. on Friday. They brought a dozen tables, several trays of food, signs and banners and enough cups to hold an ocean. The Tea Tasting event was set to begin at 7 p.m.

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Swing Syndicate hosts jazzy dance exchange

Set to the silky tunes of the Solomon Douglas Quartet and the upbeat tapping of numerous pairs of feet, Miami Swing Syndicate’s MUDE Swings: Lucky 7s dance took place this past Friday and Saturday in the Heritage room of the Shriver Center.

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