Ceili Doyle

The Oxford Underground

The steady throb of the bass drum begins to echo through the house. The huddled masses of Miami students and Oxford residents disperse from the kitchen and into the front room.  A few drop off donations in a box marked  for the ACLU, and a couple of others pause to look at the brightly decorated buttons for sale. One reads “Defend the Free Press,” another “This government may not love you, but I do.” Some clutch cans of beer; others gaze wistfully after returning from the back room where the smell of pot wafts through the crevice in the...

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Student Crime Summary: April 24 – April 30

This past week has been inundated with crime reports according to the Oxford Campus Clery Act Public Crime Log issued by the MUPD. As of April 30 there have been nine alcohol violations involving underage students, four Good Samaritan-related alcohol violations, three verbal warning alcohol violations, one alcohol violation of official business obstruction and one open container alcohol violation. In addition, between April 26 and April 30 there were eight alcohol-related hospitalizations. In the past two weekends there have been a total of 14 alcohol-related hospitalizations. There was also an assault offense related to dating violence in which Residence Life in Presser Hall reported a known male student pushing a female student. Meanwhile, there were sex offenses reported on April 27 and on April 29. Five drug violations occurred throughout the week, and three separate counts of disorderly conduct were reported. Furthermore, there were two thefts that took place on April 26. A bicycle was reported stolen from the north bike rack in Bishop Hall and a wallet was stolen from an unattended backpack in an unattended locker room in the Rec Center. There were also three counts of criminal mischief on April 26, 28 and 29. These incidents included damage reported on the third floor of McFarland Hall, damage to a restroom sink in Symmes Hall and a male student arrested in Hepburn Hall, respectively. Additionally, there were...

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High Risk: Miami’s Drinking Problem

a news documentary Click image to play video.  Over the past two months, The Student has asked dozens of students, administrators and Oxford residents the same question: “How do you define Miami’s drinking culture?” Our coverage, both in print and in this news documentary, explores the ways in which alcohol is regarded and consumed by Miami students. Our reporting addresses the societal, historical and mental health-related issues that surround drinking in Oxford. Our past coverage includes an article from Editor-at-Large James Steinbauer about limitations that Oxford and Miami officials have when it comes to changing Miami’s drinking culture. Read his story here....

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