“Mr. Robot” continues its tale of harrowing hacktivism with second season

By Devon Shuman, Culture Editor Contains minor spoilers for Season two of “Mr. Robot” I don’t know much about hacking. Sure, I took a half-semester BASIC programming course in high school, but unless all it takes is a few nested if statements, I’m probably not going to be hacking into any major networks anytime soon. That being said, as an entertainment critic, what I do know is this — when it comes to hacking, Hollywood gets it horribly wrong. For years, I’ve watched plenty of films and television programs that feature computer “experts,” stereotypically clad in thick glasses and...

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Emmys reflections: Why we watch awards shows

By Devon Shuman, Culture Editor I like to think that I know a thing or two about television. I write regular reviews of new shows and seasons. My Twitter feed is filled with thoughts from famous showrunners and critics. There’s a copy of the brand new “TV (The Book)” on my bedside table. I do what I can to turn what many consider a dumb hobby or a worthless mode of procrastination into a passion, an exciting area of study. Which is why I felt completely lost during Sunday night’s 68th Emmy Awards. Whenever a friend, fresh off their...

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Fall TV preview: Which new shows you should be watching this semester

By Devon Shuman, Culture Editor Some call it the Golden Age of Television. Some call it Peak TV. No matter what label you throw on it, however, the fact remains — television is better now than it’s ever been before. While this is great as it provides viewers with more access to high-quality programming, there is a downside. With the industry growing at such an unprecedented rate, networks and streaming services are ramping up their production levels and putting more and more shows on the air. Citing research from his company, FX President John Landgraf predicted this past summer...

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The Long Trail: Conquering Vermont’s famous footpath

By Devon Shuman, Culture Editor The worst part was the dread. I could cope with the rest of it — the sharp, stinging hail that was pelting my face at a seemingly horizontal angle, the sour mix of precipitation and perspiration that was dripping into my eyes and clouding my vision, the relentless wind that was repeatedly pushing me over onto my side like a weighted punching bag. That I could deal with. But the dread, that nauseating sense of impending doom, that horrible feeling that we had screwed up to a point where making it off of this...

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Winter has come and gone but ‘Game of Thrones’ is back

By Devon Shuman, Culture Editor Warning: This review is dark and full of spoilers. If you have not watched through S6E1 of “Game of Thrones,” do not read on. The immensely popular fantasy series, “Game of Thrones” is lucky to have found a home at HBO. Filled with gloriously gratuitous battle sequences, a body count that climbs faster than Wall-scaling wildlings on cocaine and explicit sex scenes that constantly toe the line between seductively entertaining and outright pornographic, this nightmare for censors could never have survived on an FCC-regulated network. That being said, while these adult themes have certainly...

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