Battle of the Bagels

Something about the new restaurant in Armstrong seemed uncomfortably familiar. It serves sandwiches — bagel sandwiches, to be exact. Bagels sliced in half and filled with an assortment of meats, eggs, veggies, cheese and sauces.

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Breaking the routine in NYC

I was exhausted as I made my way across the main floor of Grand Central Terminal, awkwardly pushing through the bustling throng of New Yorkers in my path. Navigating the station’s chaotic rush-hour foot traffic had become an annoying, yet necessary, part of my morning routine.

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Fall TV: The good, the bad and ‘Young Sheldon’

The arrival of September means the unfortunate combination of two phenomena: the beginning of classes and onslaught of fall television. It’s difficult to find time to study for midterms or write that poly sci essay when there are so many new compelling programs vying for network approval. The fall schedule can be complicated to navigate, so no matter how you’re trying to procrastinate, whether you’re looking for an HBO megadrama or a silly late night comedy to binge through, a new hit or an old favorite, we’ve got you covered.

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