TMS Travel: Your guide to Fall Break

As we finish up midterms and put the closing touches on our mid-semester essays, it’s time to put the books away, let our brains relax and have some fun on Fall Break. Yes, it may just be one day off of school that gets conveniently labeled a “vacation,” but this long weekend is actually a perfect opportunity to either go home and unwind, or embark on a mini-adventure of your own. Whether you’ve already made plans or not, we’ve got you covered. From tips and tricks to surviving your road trip, to nearby attractions for those remaining in Oxford,...

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Outside Oxford: Rabbits ‘Intrude’ on Hamilton sculpture park

The bunnies dot the grassy lawn atop Pyramid Hill. Some lean back, relaxed, their droopy ears flopping on the ground. Others stand tall on their hind legs, reaching up with their curious noses, sniffing the leaves of the trees. The park is their playground, and they can be spotted across the hill, exploring, enjoying the calm and misty environment. These bunnies aren’t small and furry, however. They’re massive, inflated, and illuminated. They’re also part of one of the most highly acclaimed public art installations in the world. “Intrude” is a spectacle-sized work consisting of five inflatable rabbits that are...

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The Red River Gorge: More than just a climbing town

Nestled in the mountainous woods an hour east of Lexington, KY, lies the cozy town of Campton. It’s a veritable one-road village, the route 11 Mountain Parkway snaking its way through the terrain, sheer rock faces rising up on either side of the street. Not many people recognize Campton by name, but whether you’re at the bouldering wall at the Rec or leading a pitch on El Capitan in Yosemite, if you talk to any rock climber, they know the area: This is the Red River Gorge. With a wide variety of towering rock walls featuring plenty of crags...

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International students asked to share their stories

Last Thursday, roughly 30 students, faculty members and university employees dotted the seats of Kreger 319, a spacious lecture hall. They’d gathered for a Graduate Students of All Nations event, a Mindfulness Week session led by Miami grad student Ancilleno Davis in which international students and faculty were invited to share stories of their experiences at Miami. Apart from Leno himself, very few international students were in the crowd. Notably absent were the authors of the stories, the very individuals Leno organized the event to feature. Though they were eager to write and share their stories, they ultimately didn’t...

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An ode to ‘It’

I have a hard time explaining my love of “It” to people. To most, Stephen King’s doorstop of a novel is simply “the one with the creepy clown.” Plagued by images of Tim Curry’s terrifying portrayal of Pennywise the child-devouring jester in the 1990 TV movie, they write off the book as just another macabre product of King’s maniacal imagination. They won’t listen to my insistence that it’s really about much more than Pennywise and his predatory games. Trust me, it really is. I first read the book at my family’s summer cabin in Maine on a stormy day,...

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