Fall TV: The good, the bad and ‘Young Sheldon’

The arrival of September means the unfortunate combination of two phenomena: the beginning of classes and onslaught of fall television. It’s difficult to find time to study for midterms or write that poly sci essay when there are so many new compelling programs vying for network approval. The fall schedule can be complicated to navigate, so no matter how you’re trying to procrastinate, whether you’re looking for an HBO megadrama or a silly late night comedy to binge through, a new hit or an old favorite, we’ve got you covered.   To exercise your brain: “The Deuce,” HBO, 9/10...

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The Haven at College to open outpatient center at Miami

The Haven at College, a national provider of on-campus addiction treatment and recovery support services, is opening an outpatient center at Miami this month. The center, which will be located at the Interfaith Center on Campus Avenue, is set to open its doors September 15. The Haven is a national organization aimed at creating a safe and supportive recovery community for college students. It currently operates at five universities and was approached by Miami last October after the treatment and recovery work group of Miami’s Alcohol Coordinating Committee determined Miami needed to offer better recovery services on campus. “We...

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Alcohol’s effect on your mental health

No matter their major, no matter what clubs they devote their time to or what fraternity or sorority they rushed, college students often agree on one thing: They are stressed. In a world where deadlines loom on the horizon, students juggle rigorous academic course loads with extra-curriculars and a social life, stress is a shared experience. Students joke about the “Sunday scaries” as Monday approaches. They take pride in their coffee addictions. When asked how they’re doing, they respond, “Hanging in there.” With these levels of stress, it’s no wonder that mental health has become such a prevalent issue...

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Photo exhibition highlights Oxford’s African-American communities

When Miami junior Raechel Root took the podium at the Oxford Community Arts Center last Friday, she immediately asked former Miami professor Hugh Morgan to stand for recognition. All eyes turned to the back of the room. But nobody stood. “Put your hand up, Hugh,” Root said, eager to celebrate the man responsible for the night’s featured exhibit. But again, Morgan refused to make himself visible. He was here to cast a light on others, not himself. On the second Friday of every month, the OCAC hosts a celebration of the arts, complete with music, food and art exhibitions....

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Ringing in the Year of the Rooster at the Chinese New Year’s Gala

This past Saturday in Hall Auditorium, Miami hosted a Chinese New Year Gala to celebrate the Year of the Rooster. The event was a collaboration between the Performing Arts Series, the Confucius Institute (CIMU) and the Chinese American Cultural Association (CACA). The Chinese New Year is considered China’s most important holiday, with workers usually taking seven days off work and students having close to a month off of school. “It’s like Christmas in America,” said Evian Lei, president of CACA. The Chinese New Year actually occurred on January 28, but because Miami had only been back in session for...

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