Lilly and Me: Restlessness and its consequences

Lilly’s never been big on toys. This was actually a point of tension when we first met. The night before I adopted her, I walked into a PetSmart back home and walked out an hour later with an overflowing cart and a comically large receipt trailing behind me like a bridal train. Among the purchased items were lots of new toys to welcome Lilly into her forever home. There was a plush soccer ball equipped with a squeaker, an oblong tennis ball designed for optimally erratic bounces, a rubber Kong™ that promised “more fun per square inch than any...

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Academy Awards Roundtable Recap

Did you watch the Academy Awards on Sunday night? Hear what our movie experts had to say! Entertainment editor Kirby Davis, Culture editor Alison Perelman, managing editor Devon Shuman and Miami Association of Filmmakers and Independent Actors (M.A.F.I.A.) representative Jack Ryan sat down to discuss the biggest moments, surprises and snubs from the 90th annual Oscars. Listen to the podcast here! Edited by Emily...

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In second semester on campus, Haven continues to expand

When they started working to establish a substance abuse outpatient center at Miami, Sherrie Kleinholz and Janae Arno were shocked at how much the process dragged. There was the physical set-up, of course, as they needed to transform the second floor of the Interfaith Center into a combined study hangout and clinical office. But, on top of that, there were medical record systems that needed to be launched, programming that had to be organized, staff to be hired and state regulations to navigate. It took several months before they were able to start operating and serving the needs of Miami students struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. Now entering its sixth month in Oxford, Miami’s chapter of the Haven at College is running like a well-oiled machine. It is even being used as a model to help train new chapters around the country, such as the recently announced outpatient center and recovery housing opening at the University of Maryland. Arno, the student care manager at the Haven, points to the center’s flexibility and openness as the root of its success. Free from the rigid rules and schedules of more traditional recovery routes, the Haven is able to attend directly to the needs of its clients. “We are very accommodating, and students appreciate that because they’re all so time-constrained,” Arno said. The Haven is a national organization aimed at creating...

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Parks and Recommendations

Your roommate booked a cruise to Cancun. Your sorority sister is headed to Breckenridge to hit the slopes. Even your Stats professor is bragging about their planned trip up to Windsor to win big at the blackjack tables. And you… well somewhere amid the stress of Fall finals and the rush of the holiday season, you forgot to make spring break plans. And now you’re staring down the barrel of a lonely week in Oxford while your fellow Miamians are living it up abroad. Well, worry not — there’s still time. And though it’s probably too late to plan...

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Lilly and Me: Separation Anxiety

After about 20 minutes, I felt my fragile sense of calm begin to dissipate, and the world around me started to spin. I fought back a bout of nausea and fumbled to get my phone from my pocket. Dialing, I put the phone to my ear, still scanning the woods and listening for the jingle of her collar. “Hey, I’m down at the trails. Do you have a car? Can you get down here? I can’t find Lilly.” *** I think one of the most common misconceptions about anxiety is that it’s purely mental. Sure, when I’m feeling anxious...

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