Racist slur GroupMe controversy resurfaces on Tinder

Since Friday, March 23, a screenshot of Tinder messages between sophomore Thomas Wright and an unknown female circulated among Miami’s social media community. The screenshot shows Wright boasting about an article written in The Student that chronicled the community backlash following his use of a racial slur in a GroupMe message last November. Senior Davaughn Golden came across the Tinder message last Wednesday, March 21, and after two days of sitting and stirring, he decided to take action by tweeting to the Miami community. https://twitter.com/picassocantdraw/status/977199146800242688 “I was disappointed because I genuinely believed he was sorry [after the first incident],” Golden said. “I tried to move on and say, ‘Let’s just move past it,’ but then I got upset because the university says there’s ‘nothing we can do,’ and I don’t believe they’re using all of their resources available.” Golden explained that his response was just one of many posts encouraging the use of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to draw awareness about Wright’s behavior. Many students, especially those from the African-American community, are frustrated with a university and administration that they believe isn’t doing enough to stop this from happening. On Friday, Miami responded by tweeting out from the @MiamiOH_Student account that “people who spread hate do not speak for @MiamiUniversity,” and that, while the university values free speech, they “stand with those who call out intolerance.” “He has expressed...

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Talawanda teens hold walkout to honor Parkland shooting victims

“Why does this matter?” The question reverberated around the courtyard next to the football field behind Talawanda High School. Over a hundred teenagers and a smattering of teachers and administrators stood in silence. Despite it being mid-March, the cold wind whipped around the mass of students huddled outside from 10 a.m. to 10:17 a.m. on Wednesday, March 14, to honor the 17 lives taken during the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida last month. Sophomore Ella Cope repeated her question. “Why does this matter?” It matters, Cope said, because all of the students gathered in...

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Despite suspensions, GBD likely not affected

Despite the uncertainty that has plagued Miami’s Greek community for the last three and half weeks, it appears this year’s Green Beer Day will play out as usual, Greek members say. “It’s interesting because I don’t think Green Beer Day will be affected a whole ton,” IFC fraternity member and junior Michael Serio said. “It’ll be a lot less organized, definitely because every year there’s this list that goes out for all of the official fraternity parties that are happening.” For the last 65 years, Miami students have been celebrating Green Bear Day (GBD), an all-day drinking affair the...

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Miami students continue to advocate to bike share

At the start of last week’s Oxford City Council meeting, Miami’s Associated Student Body President Maggie Callahan took the microphone during the public comments section of council’s session. “The university understands there is a real concept and need for a bikeshare in our community,” Callahan said while addressing council last Tuesday. “We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for signing the MOU [memorandum of understanding].” During Callahan’s term, Miami’s Associated Student Government (ASG) has pushed both university administrators and Oxford’s city council to adopt a bike sharing program with SPIN — a San Francisco-based dockless bike company....

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New group looks to analyze student body elections

Over the course of the past semester, junior Nick Froehlich, sophomore Molly O’Donnell and first-year Craig Beurelein have been developing a polling analysis organization for the Miami community, inspired by Nate Silver’s national website “FiveThirtyEight” (538). 1809, which is named after the year Miami University was founded, launched concurrently with this year’s ASG student body president elections. “I’ve always been a huge fan of Nate Silver,” Froehlich said. “I think it’s the best political news site there is. They look at the numbers, they present them in interesting ways and they don’t shy away from commentary and looking beyond the numbers to explore other factors.” Froehlich, O’Donnell and Beurelein are attempting to emulate the building blocks of Silver’s 538, but are also intent on developing their organization to fit the needs of a college campus. The main overarching goals for “1809” include predicting student government elections, tracking approval ratings for organizations around campus and looking at the university’s budget. Froehlich is excited to see how 1809’s first polling numbers land with the final results from this week’s student body elections. “The past week and a half, Craig and Molly have been going to different locations to poll people about the election,” Froehlich said. “We made a survey and the first question is just, ‘Did you know there was an election, actually?’ because we think that’s just as important as...

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