Barcelona protests touch the lives of Miami students abroad

On October 1, 2017, the citizens of Catalonia voted to declare independence from Spain. Catalonia is a region in northeast Spain containing roughly 7.5 million residents, including the 1.6 million people who live in Barcelona. Despite the regions’ Spanish roots, it contains a unique language, culture and booming economic landscape. Madrid, the capital of Spain, rejected Catalonia’s bid for independence and declared the act illegal. This sparked independence protests across the city. Junior Meghan Collins studied in Barcelona last semester during the political upheaval. “[The protests] were a topic every single day in every single class,” said Collins. In...

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Students registered for Greek recruitment down

The number of students registered for both formal Panhellenic and Interfraternity recruitment dropped between 10 and 15 percent this year, according to Miami’s Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.   This drop was anticipated, said Colleen Blevins, associate director of student activities and the Cliff Alexander Office. “We’ve seen schools across the nation have a slight decrease in [registration] numbers as well,” said Blevins. Emily Wolfzorn, president of Panhellenic, agreed that registration numbers are consistent with universities across the country. “This slight drop in numbers is not specific to Miami, as the average number of men and...

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Market Uptown brings groceries to students

Fridge and Pantry, a new Uptown market, will open its doors in January. Both a deli and a grocery, the new business also boasts additional amenities including a smoothie and growler bar. Co-founder Cody Costanzo, a Miami alumnus, wanted to offer students a unique and convenient option for groceries and casual dining in Oxford. “The whole concept came from convenience,” said Costanzo. This convenience extends beyond its location on Church Street — the spot that formerly housed Mexican restaurant La Piñata. Fridge and Pantry will also offer a same-day delivery service for students living on and off campus. Students...

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Free HIV testing offered in recognition of World Aids Day

Miami’s Student Health Services and the Women*s and LGBTQ* Center are currently offering HIV testing on campus. The Women*s Center is providing multiple educational events, including free HIV testing, on Friday, Dec. 1 in honor of World Aids Day. World Aids Day is an international initiative founded in 1988 to show support for those living with HIV and commemorate those who have passed away from an AIDS-related illness. This year’s theme is #LetsEndIt. Elisabeth Dodd, a senior intern at The Women*s’ Center, hopes the World Aids Day events will increase awareness at Miami. “[HIV has] really been othered [stigmatized] as something that doesn’t happen here,” said Dodd. She believes HIV is a prevalent problem on Miami’s campus and that people are not adequately educated about the disease. The Women*s Center will sponsor a screening of “deepsouth,” a documentary about the neglected HIV/AIDS crisis in the rural American South. The Center will also host an HIV educational table and provide HIV testing throughout World Aids Day. All events are free for students. Testing was been offered by The Women*s Center, located on the third floor of Armstrong in Room 3012, earlier this semester and received a large turnout, Dodd said. “[I] was only there for any hour and saw at least 30 people [being tested],” said Dodd. Student Health Services encourages students that may have engaged in unprotected sex, had...

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The Woz talks business ethics, tech industry

Steve Wozniak and co-founder, Steve Jobs, have made Apple a household name. Monday night, a crowd of hundreds filled Millett Hall to hear computer guru Wozniak talk about business ethics and the past, present and future of the tech industry for Miami’s 2017 Anderson Distinguished Lecture. Wozniak and Jobs founded Apple Inc. in 1976 and soon after released the Apple II personal computer. This computer was integral in the development of the personal computer industry and positioned Apple as a giant presence in the tech world. Although Wozniak left Apple in 1985, he continues to participate in business and...

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