The Woz talks business ethics, tech industry

Steve Wozniak and co-founder, Steve Jobs, have made Apple a household name. Monday night, a crowd of hundreds filled Millett Hall to hear computer guru Wozniak talk about business ethics and the past, present and future of the tech industry for Miami’s 2017 Anderson Distinguished Lecture. Wozniak and Jobs founded Apple Inc. in 1976 and soon after released the Apple II personal computer. This computer was integral in the development of the personal computer industry and positioned Apple as a giant presence in the tech world. Although Wozniak left Apple in 1985, he continues to participate in business and...

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A peek at the 2017 ’18 of the last 9′ honorees

  Oxford, Ohio is only home to the majority of students for four short years, yet the Miami experience lasts a lifetime. For the last five years, the Miami Alumni Association has recognized 18 outstanding alumni who have graduated in the past 9 years. These young alumni excel in a wide variety of fields, ranging from politics to technology development. The 2017 honorees include: Sean McVay ‘08, Head Coach of the Los Angeles Rams Anna Middelton ‘11, B.S. in Health and Sports Studies at Wake Forest School of Medicine Sami Schalk ‘08, Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison Cristina...

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The Body Project aims to decrease body dissatisfaction felt by students

Miami University is known for its beauty, but this quality applies to more than its picturesque campus. In 2014, Business Insider ranked Miami first in both the “hottest guys” and “hottest girls” categories. Ashley Wilson, a psychologist with Miami’s Student Counseling Service and chair of Miami’s eating disorder treatment team, believes that perception of Miami students’ physical appearance has contributed to body dissatisfaction. “Miami students [according to that study] seem to struggle more with body image dissatisfaction than students at other universities across the nation,” said Wilson. The Center for Eating Disorders defines body dissatisfaction as having a negative...

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