Miami University Celebrates Holi

Hundreds of students gathered Saturday morning to kick off the celebration of spring in a colorful way. Holi, or the Festival of Colors, is an ancient Hindu religious festival that has been widely accepted by cultures all over the world because of its message, excitement and spectacle. Meant to share and spread love and peace, MU’s celebration of Holi brought together students from various backgrounds to celebrate this foreign holiday. J3116 HOLI 2016 J3116 HOLI 2016 J3116 HOLI 2016 J3116 HOLI 2016 J3116 HOLI 2016 J3116 HOLI 2016 J3116 HOLI 2016 J3116 HOLI 2016 J3116 HOLI 2016 J3116 HOLI...

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Communities benefit from Narcan availability

By Carleigh Turner, Web Designer During my freshman year of college, I hopped on Instagram and my life was changed forever. “Rest in paradise, Sam. I can’t explain how much I miss you already. You’re my best friend, forever. You don’t deserve this. Just know that no one will ever be able to replace you and I will always, always love you baby girl. I hope you find the happiness you deserve up there. See you soon.” This is how I found out Sam Knurek, a girl on my high school gymnastics team, had died. Heroin had taken a...

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Girl power: Women show resilience by standing up against pro-rape group

By Carleigh Turner, Web Editor An organization that calls itself “Return of Kings,” had planned 165 meetings in 45 countries to take place Feb. 6 at 8:00 p.m. , according to its website. This meet-up of “men’s rights activists” was  supposed to allow “fellow tribesmen” to identify each other and share the views of their leader, Roosh Valizadeh, and his frankly misogynistic, myopic and downright disgusting views about making rape on private property legal. Thankfully, the meeting was cancelled due to Valizadeh not being able to guarantee the “safety or privacy” of those  attending the event, according to a...

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The curse of keeping up with Chicago news

By Carleigh Turner, Web Editor Leaving my school in downtown Chicago was one of the most difficult yet important decisions of my life. In order to keep in touch with the happenings back home, I still follow various Chicago news outlets on Facebook and Twitter to get my daily dose of Chicago news. However, I have recently contemplated unfollowing these news sources because of the incredible amount of violent content and news that quite literally hits close to home. When I lived in Chicago, I found out about a stabbing and shooting just feet from my apartment after passively...

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