Board of Trustees passes Miami Tuition Promise

By Britton Perelman; Culture Editor The Miami University Board of Trustees approved the implementation of a tuition guarantee program this morning by a unanimous vote. The new tuition guarantee will be in effect starting for the incoming freshman class next fall. “The Tuition Promise basically gives students a price for the cost of their education each year that will remain in place for four years,” said David Creamer, vice president of finance. The Class of 2020 will be the first to benefit from the Tuition Promise, which will ensure that tuition and room & board rates remain fixed for...

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ASG discusses polo shirts, quarter-zips and other apparel

By Britton Perelman, Culture Editor The Miami University Associated Student Government (ASG) came to a verdict about club apparel during its Tuesday night meeting. After announcing Senator of the Month, Amy Berg, the secretary for communications and media relations, began the discussion. The topic was met with the sound of senators knocking on their desks to indicate approval.  ASG considered three items — a long sleeve T-shirt, a polo and a quarter-zip sweatshirt. The announcement of apparel options was met with yet another cascade of knocking approval. But, Berg explained, there was a catch — only the long sleeve...

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Humans of Oxford: Masters of trivia — Sam Streicher and Tanner Singleton

By Britton Perelman, Culture Editor Sam Streicher and Tanner Singleton sit at the DJ booth near the windows in the bar above Skipper’s. It’s 9:50 p.m. on Wednesday and trivia night is about to begin. “Alright, trivia teams come up and get your category sheets,” Sam says into the microphone. The group in front of him multiplies instantly as people grab category sheets, pens and small pads of paper. “Bennie and the Jets” plays through the speakers, courtesy of Sam’s “Trivia” Spotify playlist, full of everything from Billie Joel to Maroon 5, Johnny Cash to Fetty Wap. Top Deck...

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Humans of Oxford – Kendal Lane

On Instagram: @HumansOfOxfordOfficial Kendal Lane, Miami University tour guide Kendal Lane introduces herself to the small group standing around her.  Her sneakers are Miami red. She’s a junior marketing major, pre-dental. The prospective high school seniors — here with their families to visit campus for the day — introduce themselves, too. She leads everyone down the sidewalk, flying through a list of the offices in the Campus Avenue Building, describing each without hesitation. She leads us through McGuffey and King, then out and across Academic Quad. “You won’t regret it if you come here,” says a passerby. “Exactly!” Kendal...

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Questioning Rose’s socks

I’m sitting on the very edge in the front row, regretting my choice to wear jeans instead of a skirt or a dress. Everyone else in the room looks much fancier than I do. When Pete Rose walks in for our small group conference, he picks the chair closest to me. He jokes with Terence Moore and makes a “Field of Dreams” reference. He’s wearing a white, flat bill Cincinnati Reds hat, a brown striped button-down shirt and a pair of  light tan, worn leather boots. There is a small number embroidered on his crisp shirtsleeve. 14. His old...

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