An old couch, an unfinished novel and a few editors: Integral pieces of an ongoing journey

Milam’s Musings, In the fall of 2009, I wrote my dad a letter saying I wasn’t going straight to college after high school. Instead, I needed time to “find myself” and write a novel. I had grandiose plans to be on the New York Times best-seller list before I was 18. But I underestimated how infantile my writing was then and how much growing up I needed. The book never materialized and so, just as Barack Obama was getting sworn in as the 44th president of the United States, I started at Miami on the Hamilton campus. My...

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College drinking culture should warrant more parental awareness for psychological issues

Milam’s Musings, If a drunk student’s head bounces off of the brick street, and everyone around is drunk, does anyone remember? My ride-along with MUPD, seeing student after student blacked out on the sidewalk or at McCullough-Hyde, had a profound effect on me. As a commuter student to Miami, I hadn’t seen the seedier side of campus life up close until that ride-along. As I mentioned in the column I did about the ride-along, I’m not casting stones here. I’ve done my fair share of drinking and partying with a close group of friends, although I like to...

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Lost and confused in Oxford

Milam’s Musings, When I’m in Oxford, I sometimes feel like Valentine Michael Smith from Robert Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land,” which is to say: lost and confused. After seven years at Miami, I still find myself checking the campus map before driving to campus. Then checking the big white boards with the campus map again when I arrive. And I still get lost. I was on the Oxford campus earlier today and yes, I got lost. But before getting lost while walking on campus, I had to park, wherein I also got lost. The first parking garage...

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Students should be willing to face ideas they disagree with

Milam’s Musings, One of my biggest regrets in my time at Miami was signing a petition to keep Washington Post columnist George Will from coming to campus. In June of 2014, Will wrote a controversial column in which he said colleges and universities, via the influence of Washington, had made “victimhood a coveted status that confers privileges, victims proliferate.” Critics of Will said he suggested sexual assault victims on college campuses enjoy a privileged status in their victimhood. When Will was slated to come to Miami in October of 2014, I signed a petition demanding Miami keep him...

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Dangers of pornography misrepresented in editorial

Milam’s Musings,  For something almost everyone has looked at or will look at at some point in their lifetime, porn sure is derided, scorned and misunderstood. Last Friday, the editorial board of The Miami Student wrote an editorial titled, “Abuse of internet pornography detrimental to daily interactions.” With respect to those behind the piece, it was quite the head-shaker. Porn seems to be one of those issues that can turn those who typically lean left, like progressives and feminists, and make them sound like 1950s evangelical Republicans. And in fact, my assessment of that flip isn’t too far...

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